The article has been automatically translated into English by Google Translate from Russian and has not been edited.

Russian immigrants in America


Olena Burnfin

Photo: depositphotos

An unfamiliar language became familiar,
The unusual has become ordinary
The surprise dissolved
Replaced by indifference.

Everything is already seen and seen.
And a lot of roads passed:
Here is education - higher,
The children grew up, the house is well maintained.

There were weddings, and there was a farewell,
Bitter tears were in the cemetery,
Funeral were processions
Dear forever carrying away ...

There were bright flashes of joy
And a short moment of happiness ...
And it was a lot of work invested
In order to achieve luck.

But only one way to the Motherland -
Through international flights.
And only one coherent thread -
Night phone calls.

And heart beats excitedly,
Already half a century lived:
Something important is not completed yet!
Sooner we still sum up!

Olena Burnfin 04/26/2017

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