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Russians abroad: why they can always be recognized in a crowd of foreigners



Journalist Vera Tatarinova lives in Antwerp 6 for years. And no matter how hard she tried to “mimic”, she always recognizes a Slav woman. Vera shares her opinion why a Russian can always be recognized in a crowd of foreigners.

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Autumn morning. Brussels Airport. Standing, shifting from foot to foot in anticipation of meeting with his beloved uncle, writes Vera for Out of habit, I don’t even look at the scoreboard, because the Moscow flight is not to be missed - passengers are distinguished by something inexplicable from the faceless western masses.

There he is Uncle walks proudly, pushing in front of a green suitcase. At a meeting, he smacks his lips into each cheek, straightens his glasses and asks quietly: “So what? Looks like a European?

Ah, uncle, uncle ... Why do we not want to stand out and try to merge with the crowd? And why is ours so easy to find out? I began to study the second question and highlighted some components of our inexplicable, but such a recognizable image.


It is a well-known fact that Russian women are some of the most beautiful. As for men, the statistics are silent. But it's not about thick makeup and mind-blowing stilettos. What is it that speaks in the face of a compatriot that immediately betrays his origin? The answer is found in the genetics section - a wide, round face, often with cheeks that are dear to Westerners. Here!

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Hair and hairstyle is also our weak point: without a careless tail with roosters, we cannot pass for European. Yes, and our men do not approve of the gel, light Iroquois and wet curls, thus remaining true to the classic haircut without volume.

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Treacherous stilettos and toe sandals are the enemies of camouflage, but this is a well-known and long-obsolete fact. Ladies are increasingly choosing designer shoes and are not afraid of an impressive platform and satin bows. Men in this issue more modest - prefer dusty classic shoes. The yellow sketches from “Kill Bill” they will definitely bypass. But in vain!

In order to look at compatriots with the eyes of Europeans, I dressed in jeans, stretched T-shirt and went to the center of Antwerp to explore.

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A Russian man can be seen from afar by a shirt in an unimaginable cell, and a woman by a skirt and a blouse with frills. Local absurdities are also enough, but our compatriots lack the very elegant negligence and easy shit on clothes.

This is what immediately catches the eye - we are cleaner, lighter and neater!

Such a small element as glasses is also capable of betraying your nationality! Europeans "for" unimaginable frames. The thicker, more unusual and brighter it is, the better! While we are trying to make the fact of wearing glasses as inconspicuous as possible.

Even in winter, among shapeless parks, I immediately see countrywomen: a fitted down jacket, a pom-pom on a hat stands right along the course, lacquered boots and a proud look. For Europeans, the most important thing is convenience, for ours - aesthetics. And both sides are right in their own way!

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It was observed that we are a predictable nation. In Antwerp, Russian crowds occur in jewelry stores, in France - in the center of Paris, and on the Cote d'Azur - in Nice, somewhere in the restaurant of the pathetic hotel Negresco. Apparently, there is a perception that on vacation it is necessary to lower everything that was accumulated by overwork during the year.

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Russian families are a separate category, they are recognized by the tortured mind of children, ideally clean preschoolers, strict mom and sad dad.

Gestures and glance

I asked familiar Europeans of different social strata: “How? Well, how do you immediately determine that we are Russian? ".

Most agreed that our view is cold, sullen, and for men - suspicious and mafia. Smiles are difficult to achieve, and it seems that every second if not the prosecutor is a spy. A familiar doctor shared his impression: “The Russian patient looked like that the whole team was afraid to do something wrong ...”.

I still see our miles away. Why, even me, a Belgian integrated to the bone margins, you can not open your mouth, as everyone accurately determines my origin. And the tail with "roosters", and glasses, and even a stretched T-shirt can not correct the situation.

In general, you will not go against nature. It is useless to resist - it remains only to be proud!

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