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Russians in Los Angeles: you don't see them, but they are


Where to find Russian in Los Angeles, and indeed in America? There are a lot of usSomeone is pretending to be American, and some are not.

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First of all, I want to clarify that this is about the state of California and not about the Russian quarter, but about the outskirts of Los Angeles. After all, people are different everywhere.

In the area where I live, there are few Russians. Americans usually liven up by learning that I am from Russia, and are trying to start a conversation. No negative emotions have yet been expressed. And we, if we are silent or speak English, are not similar to Russians. My sister and I are probably more like some Italians or Greek women. The sister says that people guess her European features and accent, but that the Russian, do not realize. Once a guy decided that she was from India. My husband would have a poured Mexican, if not for his green eyes. Yes, and youth clothing in fashion also makes it look like typical Americans. Therefore, if we only begin to speak Russian among ourselves, some Americans guess and ask: “Are you from Russia?”. But such cases are rare.

Only visiting Russian thieves are very easy to recognize by their appearance, especially those who have not yet become Americanized. Recently we were traveling in an elevator with such a pair. A man-wardrobe with a glass-displeased mug. Auntie, too, with a displeased face, in huge heels (heels on women are rare here), extended long nails for French manicure (American nails do not grow and almost never paint; teenage girls usually with short nails, but with bright patterns; long extended nails of leopard and wild pink shades are preferred only by fifa Mexicans), she also has a ponytail on her head made of regrown bleached hair (she was once a yellow blonde) and a bag from Louis Vuitton clutched under her arm (apparently, at the first opportunity she bought a real one and threw away her Turkish fake. a sign of a Russian woman. Ordinary average American women in California are generally not steamed up on fashion and branded handbags. They don't care.). Here it is - the real picture! Russians! Ours are generally easy to distinguish, they are suspicious and displeased, while Americans are always relaxed and calm. This is some kind of purely our Russian trait. As my friend used to say when she came to Russia: “You all walk the street with such faces, it's already scary!”.

We met a lot of Russians in Ikea. Apparently, we all go there after the arrival for the furniture - a native place? At first, I did not notice that there were only Russians around. Until she began to argue with her husband and cried out loudly: “Well, I speak Russian to you!”. It was then that the people around and beamed, looking at us and smiling covertly. But as soon as I stood up for 10 minutes at the entrance to Ikea, it became clear that 60% of buyers are our countrymen. Almost like we are in Moscow.

Russian can be found in Armenian stores. Since there are a lot of products we sell there: buckwheat, sour cream, kefir, sweets, etc. Russians come to the Armenians for services most often upon arrival, this nationality is also sufficient. They are hairdressers, insurers, sellers, and their own bakery, and they all speak Russian most often freely. Well, or with an Armenian-American accent, but still everything is clear. And it is easy to explain to them what you want. But again, let me remind you that immigrants here from all over the world, and in general, all do not care if you are Russian or not. But most often we try to avoid the Russian language and not to burn. At least, in American shopping centers and supermarkets, I have never seen anyone speak Russian in addition to me.

But in the tourist areas, our speech is heard at every turn: “Hear, Mish, can we go and buy something to buy? Where is Kolya ?! ”, but I’m generally silent about the Russian regions. If you want to go back to 90, miss the colorful aprons, pies, samovars and family shorts - then go here!

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