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Russians don't surrender: stars in Miami filmed hurricane Irma on video


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Hurricane Irma left the coast of Florida, leaving severe damage in its wake. Many residents of the state were hastily evacuated, but not Russian immigrants and stars - they are no stranger to severe trials. Ordinary citizens barricaded themselves in buildings, stocking up on food and water. A photo appeared on Twitter where it was written on boarded up windows: "The Russians don't give up!" and “Save and Save!”, some of the inscriptions contain unprintable vocabulary.


Some famous people even had a report during the elements. At the epicenter of the hurricane was the area of ​​private buildings where Russian stars live. Natasha Koroleva's husband, a stripper Sergei Glushko, found himself in the company of his wife’s mother, Lyubov Porivay. In his Instagram, he asks the subscribers: what is worse, face a hurricane, or spend 48 hours in the company of mother-in-law. The artist, of course, is joking, he has a wonderful relationship with Natasha's mother. The Queen herself, by sheer chance, was not captured by the hurricane, postponing her trip to Miami.

The composer and singer Igor Nikolaev is very worried about the safety of his daughter Julia, who now lives in Miami. The girl was shooting a hurricane on video from the balcony, which made her dad pretty worried. The video clearly shows that the wind is almost tearing Yulia’s mobile phone out of her hands.

The peak of Hurricane Irma passed, leaving behind dangling electrical wires, broken roofs and fallen trees. The storm finally left alone Miami and the surrounding area. Currently, residents of Florida are busy rebuilding the damage caused by the elements.

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