Danila Kozlovsky, 30 years

Hollywood Project: Vampire Academy

Recent movies: Dukhless 2, Crew, Hardcore

To appease excessively active son, mom sent 13-year-old Danilo to sample popular TV series«Simple Truths. Shooting so captivated the young man, that he decided to enter the St. Petersburg Theater Academy. The first place of work of the future star was the St. Petersburg Academic Maly Drama Theater, and in parallel with the performances on the stage Kozlovsky mastered the cinema.

This fame came to the actor after the main role in the film «We are from the future". Kozlovsky became one of the leading artists and easily got into successful tapes «Spiritless, Five Brides, Legend of 17. At the height of its glory, in 2013 year, Danila went to New York, to learn a language and find interesting overseas projects. A fantastic action movie helped to get beyond the Russian cinema «Academy of Vampires "and advertising video perfume Chanel, who allowed the actor to meet his favorite director Joe Wright and actress Keira Knightley.
«I'm still lucky with the roles, they are much bigger, than me myself. And this happiness is trying on destinies and circumstances., in which you have not yet appeared, ”Kozlovsky says in an interview with Russian Hello!

Anton Yelchin, 26 years

Hollywood Projects: “Star Trek: Retribution”, “Night of Fear”, “Beaver”, “Terminator: May the Savior Come”, “Star Trek”, “Alpha Dog”

The latest movie: "Uncontrollable"

Who knows, how would the fate of Anton Yelchin, if parents - professional figure skaters - did not move for work from Leningrad to America. Anton at that time was only half a year, so that with the study of English and life in a new country, he had no problems. Thanks to his parents, he speaks good Russian too.

At first, parents wanted, Anton to go in for sports, but the boy was more fascinated by the children's theater group.

Yelchin began his career with the TV series: Ambulance, Practice, New York Police, from 2004 to 2006 the year was filmed in Doctor Hoff.

True, American directors basically offered him the roles of Russian boys, behind the back calling «Elijah Wood's cheap version for curly hair and pretty looks.

Star Yelchin lit in 2006 year, when the actor played in a crime film «Alpha Dog. After this project, the actor appeared in the continuation of the famous militants (“Terminator”, “Star Trek”, “Star Trek”), as well as in independent films: “Like crazy” and “Elusive”.

Yelchin took part in the Russian film «You and me "dedicated to the group «Tattoo". true, the actor looks cool on the other proposals of domestic producers. The only exception the artist is ready to do for a favorite director Alexander Sokurov.

«I recognize Russian culture as part of the world - Chekhov, suprematists, Eisenstein. All these things are very Russian at the same time., and at the same time, this is a universal human background, ”says Russian Time-out Anton Yelchin.

Vadim Perelman, 52 years

Hollywood Projects: “Sand and Fog House”, “All Life Before Eyes”

The last movie: "Ash"

Another hero comes from the USSR, who emigrated abroad in childhood - directed by Vadim Perelman. He moved to Canada with his mother, when he was 14 years old. Studied Mathematics and Physics at the University of Alberta, and after graduating from the Rayrson Film School in Toronto, he opened a small company Sanned films, engaged in the production of music videos. In 1990, Perelman moved to Los Angeles, where he shot commercials, but after years of 13 he turned into a film director. The debut film was inspired by the novel by André Dubus. «House of sand and fog ”: the book is devoted to the theme of emigration, which is close to the director. Perelman was personally involved in negotiations with Dubus, who never gave the rights to film their works. Hearing the life story of the director, the writer gave way. Steven Spielberg was inspired by the personality of Perelman, therefore agreed to finance the project, and I was not mistaken: the tape was a resounding success and was nominated for three nominations«Oscar".

The following pictures of Perelman were drama «All life before eyes "and the Russian television series «Ash.

«Russian films I look like a work of art, American - as entertainment. This is a big difference. My goal is to make my films perceived as a work of art, ”says the director in an interview with the site. Mignews.

Grigory Dobrygin, 29 years

Hollywood Project: "The Most Dangerous Man"

The last film: "Black Sea"

The second picture in the filmography of Grigory Dobrygin - New Year's comedy «Black Lightning "- brought the actor popularity in Russia.

Even more about Dobrygin talked about after the drama «How I spent this summer ”, which was included in the program of the Berlin Film Festival. Dobrygin received the highest award - statues «Golden Bear "for the best male role. Start an international career was given. In the future, the actor starred in the English-German thriller «Fourth Power, American Drama «The most dangerous man ", the British thriller «Black Sea".

Together with the acting profession Gregory mastering direction, in 2014 at the film festival «Kinotavr "his short film was shown «Verpaskungen ", awarded the prize of the Guild of Film Critics and Film Critics, and at the Mayakovsky Theater in Moscow, his play is going to be sold out. «Lackey.

Yuri Kolokolnikov, 34 years

Hollywood Project: "Game of Thrones"

Recent films: “Loves not loves”, “About love”

In childhood, Yuri Kolokolnikov traveled a lot because of parents divorce: the son stayed with his mother, которая, working as a translator, cruised between the USA and Canada. This experience allowed Yuri to learn English., which later played a significant role in his career.

Returning to Moscow, thanks to the initiative of his father Kolokolnikov was on trial in the film «Iron Curtain ”, which became the first tape in the career of 14-year-old Yuri. In 15 years he passed school exams externally and enrolled in the Shchukin Theater School.

Break into Hollywood Russian actor tried in 2000 year, but unsuccessfully: in Los Angeles and New York he found no work, except the loader and the waiter. But in the homeland Yuri got a job in the theater «Contemporary "and starred in the TV movie «Children of Arbat ”, which brought him popularity.

Success in Russia did not discourage the desire to become famous abroad. Kolokolnikov stubbornly continued to participate in the casting, and finally got a cameo in the cult series «Game of Thrones". Jura Hero, cannibal steer, appears in the 4 season and dies after several episodes in a fierce fight.

«Our actors began to be perceived differently. It seems to me, generation will soon grow up,who will know English as Russian, ”the star tells Russian Interview.

Timur Bekmambetov, 54 years

Hollywood Projects: Wanted, Apollo 18, President Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Supernatural on the Web

The latest movie: "Ben-Hur"

At the insistence of the father-energy Timur Bekmambetov entered the MEI, but never finished it, fascinated by art. In 1982, he began working as a theater artist «Ilkhom "and at the studio «Uzbekfilm "in Tashkent. Five years later, Timur finally moved to Moscow and began shooting commercials.

The idea of ​​cinema came to Bekmambetov in 1994, then he took off the military tape «Peshawar Waltz. Debut work was a success: the film was shown in the US, The work won the prize at Kinotavr and the award for best direction at the festival in Karlovy Vary.

The name of Timur Bekmambetov became known in 2004 after the release «Night Watch. The director won popularity not only in Russia, but also in America: he was invited to Hollywood to work on several projects of the company Fox. From this point on, the master began working on the 2 front: he combined the work of the director and producer in America (“Wanted”, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”, “Supernatural on the Net”) and in Russia, where he composed family type comedies «Elok.

Despite the opportunity to become an exclusively American director, Bekmambetov does not agree to leave the Russian film industry.

«America is just a long trip. Nice there, interesting, many people, information, opportunities, attractive projects ", - reveals a star in an interview with the newspaper «Work".

Konstantin Khabensky, 43 years

Hollywood Projects: “Wanted”, “War of the Worlds Z”

Recent films: "Black Sea", "Hardcore"

Timur Bekmambetov brought it to Hollywood Khabensky, highlighting the actor role in a blockbuster «Especially dangerous "2008 of the year. Despite the small number of scenes and the imminent death of the hero, the actor has worked with Angelina Jolie and James McAvoey. By this time, Khabensky was already quite recognizable in Russia: the TV series made him popular. «Deadly force ", work in the theater of the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov and the film «Night Watch ", which just brought the actor from Bekmambetov. So the actor added to the list of Russians in Hollywood.

Behind the tape «Particularly dangerous "other international projects appeared in the Khabensky portfolio: European detective story «Spy, get out! ”, French-Russian drama «Rasputin, British «Black Sea". Two years ago, the actor starred in the film «War of the Worlds Z ”, which was produced by Brad Pitt. Alas, the shooting of the final episode was not included in the full version of the picture - the plot was changed during editing, and most of the work of Khabensky was cut out.

«Why talk about that, how did i communicate with jolie, Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman and other people, with whom I wanted to meet? I can only say, that once again made sure, that the screen does not deceive me: they are not all actors, but also people with a capital “, - comments Khabensky Russian GQ.

Andrey Zvyagintsev, 51 year

Hollywood Project: “New York, I love you"

Last film: Leviathan

Andrey Zvyagintsev began with three novels for the television series «Black Room "and then shot the full-length film «Return ”, which won prestigious awards around the world: the main prize at the Venice Festival, Golden Eagle and Nika in Russia, French nomination «Cesar and Oscar.

But the most talked about project Zvyagintsev was tape «Leviathan". In the center of the story - the story of a simple mechanic from the Russian hinterland, fighting with the arbitrariness of officials. The drama divided the Russian audience into two camps. Some admired the director’s courage., his victories at the Cannes Film Festival, Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination. Others hardened against the master, calling him almost a traitor for, that he had a biased attitude towards Russian reality and presented all this to the court of the American jury.

Despite harsh criticism, Zvyagintsev still claims, that he is devoted to Russian cinema and is not going to leave his homeland.

«In the budget of "Leviathan" there was not and could not have any American money. Still invent, that I live somewhere in los angeles and paris. I already do not know, do i need to react to it, but, surely, need to. Probably, worth telling people, lest they envy my coconut palms on the shores of Miami. I have nothing of this. I spent my whole life in Russia, ”admits Zvyagintsev in an interview with the RBC website.

Andrei Konchalovsky, 78 years

Hollywood projects: “Beloved Mary”, “Runaway Train”, “Duet for Soloist”, “Shameful People”, “Tango and Cash”, “Homer and Eddy”, “Lion in Winter”

The last film: “White Nights of Postman Alexey Tryapitsyn”

Andrei Konchalovsky studied at the music school at the Moscow Conservatory, but after graduating from school he seriously thought about cinema and entered VGIK on the directing department. His first works were shot in Chekhov and Turgenev and attracted the attention of European critics.

International recognition came with a ribbon «Romance of Lovers ”, which won the grand prix of the festival in Karlovy Vary. In the period of the Iron Curtain, when many topics in the USSR remained banned, Konchalovsky went to Hollywood, where he shot several films ("Tango and Cash", "Homer and Eddy"). The ten-year American period ended with a return to their homeland in 90 — the reality of foreign cinema turned out to be too alien., besides, serious changes were outlined in Russia. However, Konchalovsky continued to shoot foreign projects, which again brought rewards. His mini-series«Odyssey "got «Emmy "," House of Fools "- Grand Prix at the Venice Film Festival, "Last Sunday" - two Oscar nominations.

Konchalovsky is actively trying himself on television, working for leading russian channels, and puts performances in theaters around the world.

Konchalovsky's last film work, “The White Nights of Postman Alexey Tryapitsyn,” once again aroused interest abroad. Picture received «Silver Lion "- the main prize of the Venice Festival.

Sergey Bodrov, Sr., 67 years

Hollywood Project: "The Seventh Son"

Last movie: Amphibian Man

In 1974, Sergey Bodrov graduated from the scriptwriting department of VGIK. His first works were «Nonprofessionals ”,“ Catala ”,“ I wanted to see angels ”. One of the most famous tapes Bodrov became «Caucasian captive "awarded in 1999 year «Nicky "as the best movie.

At the end of 90, the director moved to America, where he was able to implement a number of international projects. He had a lot of ideas about the adaptation of the story of the great Genghis Khan., and in xnumx the picture, filmed jointly by Russia, Germany and Kazakhstan, saw the light. Drama has not only received six award nominations «Nika ”, but also allowed Hollywood companies to take a closer look at the work of Sergei Bodrov. Last year, he was assigned to shoot an American blockbuster «The Seventh Son, whose stars are Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges.

«I am not an American director. I am a Russian director, who works in Africa, America, Asia Just America is such a country., what if you came up with something cool or shot a good movie, you will be noticed immediately, ”the director tells the newspaper. «TVNZ".