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Russian Rapunzel shared the secrets of hair care. A PHOTO


Source: Independent

The hair length of the 23-year-old Russian model Anastasia Sidorova reaches 106 centimeters. She has been nicknamed Russian Rapunzel, writes Independent. In 18 years, the girl began to quickly go bald, her hair literally in shreds fell from the head, and all this was a terrible sight. But take a look at Anastasia now - it is impossible to guess that she had a similar problem.


Medicine knows several types of alopecia (alopecia), and Sidorova was diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia, which means that her hair began to actively fall out due to hormonal imbalance. Androgenetic alopecia is one of the most common types of progressive alopecia, covering 50% of men older than 50-year-olds, and about 50% of women older than 65 years. But in young people and adolescents, the disease is rare.


The girl turned to the trichologist, who helped her to restore the scalp and regain her confidence. Gradually, Anastasia became so fascinated with the study of hair restoration that she not only grew a luxurious head of hair, but also intended to study trichologist herself. Sidorova became a model and starred for advertising shampoos Pantene in Russia. The girl gives advice on her Instagram.


Anastasia advises never to straighten hair artificially, allow 60% hair to dry before using a hair dryer, use a keratin mask during each shampooing, take B, A, C and E vitamins, as well as selenium and zinc.


In the heating season, she recommends using keratin sprays and serums that do not need to be washed off. Anastasia also considers ampoules with green tea extracts, dwarf palm extract, cysteine, caffeine, biotin, niacin, beta-systerol and histidine useful.

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