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Russian emigrant from the United States amused social network mix of two languages


Source: Lisa

Zoya Vekselstein is again in trend. On the Internet, they recall a video in which an employee of an American clothing store demonstrates linguistic talents.

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In social networks, the video with the participation of the boutique manager Zoya Vekselstein, published more than seven years ago, is again gaining popularity. Lisa. Zoe became famous for her ability to skillfully combine Russian and English. The work of her favorite fashion designer Simon Cheng she described with these words:

His designs can be of any age, any shape and size, height. And he is timeless. I have his stuff ... I remember the first suit when I was 18 years old. My job interview suit.

A short video was so loved by Internet users that it became a classic. At one time, Zoya Vekselshtein gave an interview to the program "Let them talk."

The program dedicated to the April Fool's Day was dedicated to people who became famous in one day. Zoya contacted the studio and admitted that she left her homeland quite small.

To speak two languages ​​at the same time, you have to be a very smart person. This is called ranglish. Everything that suits a person, in particular, beautiful colors is fashionable.

An employee of a clothing store was born in Odessa and has two children.

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