The article has been automatically translated into English by Google Translate from Russian and has not been edited.

Russian woman jumped out of the sixth floor window in Dubai, fleeing from the killer


Source: 360TV

Russian model Ekaterina Stetsyuk jumped out of the window of a hotel room on the sixth floor in an attempt to escape from the killer. The girl survived, but suffered severe injuries.

The model worked in Dubai under a contract with February 15, writes 360TV. There, a foreigner noticed the girl, who did not suffer a refusal and decided to take revenge. He attacked Catherine and wanted to kill her, but the girl managed to jump out of the sixth floor window in order to escape.

As a result, the model received a serious spinal injury and now can not move independently.

According to the portal “”, she has already had two operations in a Dubai hospital. Doctors believe that the hope for recovery of the injured girl is still there. For treatment and further rehabilitation requires about a million rubles. Relatives of the model opened a fundraiser.

According to the latest information, the criminal who attacked the girl was caught at Dubai airport. Catherine herself cannot leave the country, since an investigation into the attack has been launched.

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