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Russian woman told how she lost weight on 100 kg for the sake of meeting with Cristiano Ronaldo



Marina Bogomolov recalls that a year and a half ago she weighed 209 kg 600 grams, and because of her overweight, her husband left her.

Marina almost 100 kg back. Photo: YouTube

“You have no idea what it is. I could not properly wash the floors, tie my shoelaces. Terrible discomfort, everything hurt: back, legs, neck ", - said the woman

Marina is a professional host of the holidays and herself as a holiday. Therefore, she did not become discouraged, but found herself a new dream: to meet the famous Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, the player of Real Madrid, the European champion and the winner of the Champions League.

“Exactly a year and a half ago, my friends and I watched a match on TV where I saw Ronaldo. This is an amazing man. True, still young, but it doesn't matter, - says Marina. - My dream is to meet him. I am 44 years old, I have been single for a year and a half and I love football. And I dream of becoming a Russian bride to Cristiano Ronaldo. "

Photos: YouTube

25 June Ronaldo in the Portuguese national team arrived in Saransk for one of the games. On the same day Bogomolov arrived in Saransk. For the sake of a football player, she has already lost weight on 94 kg and is not going to stop there. And no operations and strict diets: only fitness and proper nutrition.

To learn more about the nutrition of "Russian bride Ronaldo", reporter personally met with Bogomolova.

- I lost weight without a single plastic surgery, without liposuction, without gastric bypass. Straight, as I like to say. My starting point is the weight of 209 kilograms and 600 grams, - Marina noted. - I have a fractional meal, five times a day plus two snacks. Nothing out of the ordinary. But I have my secrets. Until four in the afternoon, we eat proteins, fiber and complex carbohydrates. What are complex carbohydrates? This is, for example, porridge. There must be protein. The easiest option is fish. Well, and certainly fiber! Fiber is vegetables and salad. All servings should be about 400 grams. And we divide this serving into four parts: one part carbohydrates, one part protein and two parts fiber. And so I eat three times until four in the afternoon. But after four, we remove complex carbohydrates and eat only protein and fiber. If you really want, for example, fruit - again, before four, you can eat an apple. It goes like a dessert.

Photos: YouTube

Marina trains five times a week under the guidance of Alexei Netesanov, President of the National Association of Bodybuilders of Russia and Mr. Universe 2009.

“She came as a very, very plump girl, but began to study very zealously,” recalls Alexey. - In life, of course, everything happens, both joys and sorrows, like every woman. But she didn't give up. And here is the result, she lost almost 100 kg during this time. ”

Marina was fascinated with football not only on the screen, but also on the field: now she easily mints balls with her head and scores goals. Native women support her passion for football and the game itself.

“Mom very often loves to watch football, this has recently begun,” says Marina's daughter Anastasia Chernova. - She really likes Ronaldo. But I once said to her: "Mom, can I not call him dad?"

Marina believes that if the meeting with Cristiano takes place, it will be a good motivational moment for her. She wants to continue to lose weight properly and safely and to help others start a new life in a slim and healthy body too.

“I will look good too: now I’ll lose weight and everything will be fine,” Marina is sure.

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