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Russian woman buried her husband in the United States for the sake of insurance in $ 2 million. Three years later he was found alive


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Irina Vorotinova faked her husband's death for the insurance of two million dollars. Three years later, a living "deceased" was found in Moldova. Now the family is paying the price for a perfectly thought-out crime, and the police are racking their brains over who was actually buried in the United States. I understood the intricacies of the case " report».

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The price of death

In March, 2010, 54-year-old Igor Vorotinov, who at that time lived in the United States, insured his life for two million dollars. The man repeatedly complained of heart problems. In the event of his death, the money had to go to his wife Irina.

In January of the following year Vorotinov went to Minsk for two weeks, after which he returned to Minnesota. Two months later, he again went to Belarus, and in April allegedly went to the hospital because of heart problems. His wife and son came to visit him, but soon returned home to the USA.

According to eyewitnesses, Igor was last seen in Chisinau: a man and a relative drank alcohol in one of the bars.

In early October, in the Moldavian village of Kozhushna, they found the body of a man with Vorotinov's passport, his hotel cards and a mobile phone. According to a local investigator, the dead man was lying in the bushes by the road. Investigators did not notice signs of violent death on the body of the deceased. By the time of detection, the corpse began to decompose.

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Enlisting the help of his son, the policeman brought the dead man to the state morgue in Chisinau, a dilapidated one-story building without special refrigeration equipment and air conditioners. A medical examiner concluded that a man died of a heart attack.

Having received a message about the alleged death of her ex-husband, Irina Vorotinova immediately flew to Moldova. A 52-year-old woman identified her husband as the deceased and warned about the death of the father of two adult sons. Taking the death certificate, she cremated the body and returned to the United States with his ashes.

A month later, Irina organized a funeral in the cemetery of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Relatives and acquaintances from Russia came to say goodbye to Igor Vorotinov.


In June 2012, the eldest son Alcon went to Moldova to visit a family friend and accidentally noticed his living father at one of the parties. As it turned out, the found corpse and the ashes in the urn had nothing to do with Vorotinov. Then the parents revealed to their sons a terrible secret worth two million dollars.

The sudden “resurrection” of the father greatly influenced Alcon, while his brother preferred to stand aside. The son, once resigned to the death of his parent, experienced strong conflicting feelings, he himself described them as "emotional roller coasters." It took him time to recover from the funeral and memorial service.

According to the prosecutor, Irina requested money from the insurance company three days after the fictitious funeral of her husband. To confirm the death of Igor, insurers requested a photo of the deceased, but the matter was thought out to the smallest detail. The collusion was attended by employees of the insurance company, and the police, and forensic scientist. All of them said that at the time of the incident they did not have a device with a camera on their hands.

In March 2012, Irina received two million dollars. According to the agreement, the former spouses divided the money paid to the "widow". Over the next three years, most of this amount was transferred to bank accounts in Moldova, Hungary and Switzerland. Alcon, 29, was involved in some of the deals, but later denied any involvement.

Another life

While the police and relatives thought Igor was dead, the man changed his name. Now his name was Nikolai Patoka, and he carelessly lived and spent money in Ukraine and Moldova. His eldest son Alcon continued to visit his father. One day he came to celebrate the New Year with his mother. Alcon suspected that sooner or later, regular travel would attract the attention of those around him.

18 June 2013, someone anonymously called the FBI and said that Igor Vorotinov is actually alive and hiding outside the territory of the United States under a fake name. After another trip to the “dead father”, on November 27 of the same year, Irina and her son were detained by the US Customs and Border Protection Service. They confiscated personal belongings from the travelers and subjected them to a thorough inspection.

Alcon's computer found photographs confirming the fictitiousness of Vorotinov’s death. In the pictures taken in 2013, a man posed with his relatives. The police began to search for the elusive swindler, and Irina and her son were arrested. Frightened by the harsh punishment, Alcon provided compromising information about his parents, but at the last moment he backtracked.

The son called his father, who is still in Moldova, and handed the phone over to the prosecutors. On the way, the perpetrator invented a complex story of his abduction in order to shield his ex-wife. He assured the police that friends from Moldova faked his death, after which they kidnapped him and took all the money from the insurance company for themselves. Alcon decided to play along with his father and added that the kidnappers demanded a ransom from him. According to them, Irina was not involved in the fraudulent scheme.

“It was all so stupid to write a ridiculous story of one’s own abduction and the staging of death by some captors on the move,” the prosecutor said. “He tried to shield Irina without informing her, and as a result achieved the opposite result: the woman confessed to everything”.

Payment of bills

In the 2015 year, Vorotinov and his wife were accused of fraud related to postal and telegraph communications. Irina admitted that she participated in monetary transactions with property obtained by illegal means. In 2016, a woman was sentenced to imprisonment for a year and one month. Alcon received a three-year suspended sentence for aiding. Now the family will have to return two million dollars obtained by illegal means.

On November 14, 2018, Vorotinov was arrested in Moldova and extradited to the United States three days later. On November 19, he appeared in court in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The final hearing and sentencing will take place in July.

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“The Vorotinovs' couple performed a rather complicated scheme,” the federal prosecutor explained in the case file. - Now we know that there was actually a human corpse in Moldova. The police examined the urn with ashes in the cemetery of the city of Minneapolis, and there were indeed human remains. Somehow, Moldovan officials were bribed to write in the documents that Igor had died. The crime was carefully thought out and coordinated. "

The lawyer of Irina and her son Matthew Manki noted that the family will have to pay for the sins of Igor Vorotin for life, living the remaining years in poverty. At the same time, the scammer still managed to get his own - for several years he had blithely lived in comfort and wealth with his new girlfriend in the territory of Transnistria.

The greater burden of obligations fell on the shoulders of Alcon, who accidentally got involved in the criminal antics of his parents. In November, 2011, when Irina filed a fraudulent claim with an insurance company, she had a relapse of breast cancer. She underwent an expensive treatment: two mastectomies and chemotherapy before staying outside with empty pockets. Her house was sold at auction to pay off debts. Before sentencing, the woman lived in subsidized housing, which is allocated to "needy criminals."

According to Manki, Alcon tried to commit suicide. Because of the deadly disease, his mother was recognized as disabled. “He will pay for insurance until the end of his life,” the lawyer concluded.

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