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Russians are furious: Malysheva bought a mansion for $ 6,5 million in New Jersey and two apartments in Manhattan


Source: Peopletalk

On the YouTube channel of the Anti-Corruption Fund, a 22-minute video “Golden Palace of your beloved doctor” appeared, in which they talked about the real estate of the leading program, “Live healthy!” Elena Malysheva, writes Peopletalk.

Photo: frame video YouTube / Live Great!

According to the project, Malysheva owns an estate of 1 square meters with a classic interior, 100 rooms and a swimming pool. The mansion costs $ 21 million and is located 6,5 kilometers from Manhattan - in New Jersey, on the banks of the Hudson River. It is alleged: information from which it is clear that the house belongs to Elena was taken from documents in an open registry - the mansion is registered on Malysheva and her husband Igor.

Recall that Elena Malysheva was married to Igor Malyshev, doctor of medical sciences, head of the department of pathological physiology at MGMSU since 1987.

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Malysheva also owns two apartments in the center of New York, in which her sons live - Yuri and Vasily (they work as doctors in the States).

“Apartments in Midtown were bought in October 2014 for $ 2,5 million. At that time, they were 26 and 23 years old, respectively. It’s clear that it was a mother’s gift, ”said Alexey Navalny, referring to data from open real estate registries.


In the video, he commented on Elena’s statements about the coronavirus: “She is lying, says anti-scientific things, embellishes the situation, glosses over the real statistics and, of course, praises the authorities for unique quarantine measures.”

Say, Elena Malysheva said: “By all external signs, the flu looks like a much more serious infection. Children do not die, do not end up in intensive care. Coronavirus in the end will be a common seasonal infection. ”

45% of Russians participating in a case study of the Analytical Service Rambler, seeing the foreign possessions of Elena Malysheva, became furious.

"Do regular presenters make that much money?" - commented the respondents.

42% of respondents were shocked by this news. They admitted that they were disappointed in Elena.

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13% of Russians, on the contrary, were happy for Malyshev.

“She worked hard,” the participants emphasized.

A total of 6551 people took part in the survey.

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