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The Russian star has spent on the birthday of her daughter in Monaco more than a million rubles. A PHOTO


Source: StarHit

Daughters Victoria Boni turned seven years old. The birthday party held a holiday, which was held in one of the institutions of Monte Carlo. Victoria tried to make the party remember for a long time Angelina and the guests.

Seven years ago, Victoria Bonya first became a mother, writes StarHit. The model presented the son of Irish millionaire daughter Angelina. In 2017, Victoria and Alex Smerfit split up without legalizing the relationship. Despite this, they are still warmly communicating. Most of the time, Angelina lives in Monaco with her father and his parents. Eternally busy Bonya still tries to set aside a bit of time in her busy working hours to communicate with her daughter. So, the seventh birthday of the girl Victoria spent with Angelina.

Ooh! Soot tried her best: she arranged a celebration for her daughter, which was held in a cozy cafe in Monte Carlo on the Cote d'Azur. Cool weather did not spoil the event, organized on the basis of the fashionable today among young doll dolls LOL SURPRISE and My little Pony. The appropriate mood was created by the decoration of pink and white balloons, animators in thematic costumes. Victoria herself worked on the image of the birthday girl: she picked up a soft pink princess dress and a tiara.

“This is the most touching moment when your daughter becomes so big and you do her hair,” Bonia was deeply moved. - It's so cute!".

Beauty masters attended the event - the birthday girl and her young guests turned to them to create festive makeup. "This is our bachelorette party!", - Victoria herself was delighted with what was happening. At the end of the event, animators staged a master class, during which the girls created fashionable headbands - they did not part with these accessories throughout the evening.

“StarHit” managed to find out that one of the Moscow holiday agencies was involved in the organization of the birthday. For animators, a candy bar, an entertainment show, a master class, the services of a photographer and video operator Victoria had to pay at least 700 thousand rubles (almost 10 900 dollars). A separate item of expenses was the payment of the flight of actors from Moscow to Monte Carlo in both directions, housing and three meals a day. If we take into account that at least three animators worked at the festival, then for the maintenance of the artists, Boni, by the most modest standards, spent 300 thousand (about 4670 dollars).

By the way, the girl's father missed the holiday. Perhaps he congratulated his daughter separately, and a year ago Alex and Victoria celebrated the birthday of the heiress together. Recall that earlier there were rumors that Smurfit's relatives did not want to see Victoria as a daughter-in-law, allegedly because of her ignoble origin. Ooh! Soot dispelled such speculation: a couple of days ago, Alex's mother came to him, who communicated warmly with Bonya. Grandma gave her granddaughter a trendy phone.

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