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An affair with Vetlitskaya and a marriage of convenience: why Vlad Stashevsky disappeared from the stage and how he lives now


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In the 90s, Vlad was very popular, and every girl knew his songs by heart. But why the talented singer disappeared from the stage and how his personal life developed - says the author of the blog "People and Epochs" on Yandex Zen.

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The future singer Vlad Stashevsky was born in 1974 in the city of Tiraspol. Vlad's father Stanislav Gronchak left the family when the boy was two years old. Vlad was raised by his mother and grandmother. Vlad's real surname - Tverdokhlebov - came from his mother.

Stashevsky spent his childhood and youth in Crimea. His family had nothing to do with the world of music, his mother and grandmother worked as accountants all their lives.

Vlad was a very developed child, he studied music, gymnastics, rowing and martial arts.

Vlad studied at the Suvorov School, and in 1993 he decided to move to Moscow. He became a student at the Moscow State Institute of Commerce. After a while, the young man transferred to the correspondence department at Moscow State University at the Faculty of Commerce, from which he graduated in 1998.

During his studies, Stashevsky continued to study music, he constantly participated in all events. Vlad also played bass and was a vocalist in a student ensemble.

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Stashevsky got into show business by accident. At one of the student parties in 1993, which took place in a Moscow club, Vlad sang and played the piano. The famous producer Yuri Aizenshpis also rested there, who noticed the young Vlad. Aizenshpis appreciated the vocal skills and manner of performance of the student Tverdokhlebov and gave him his business card.

Literally a week after Vlad's acquaintance with Aizenshpis, the first song was recorded, entitled “The Roads We Go On”. The author of this composition was the poet and composer Vladimir Matetsky.

Already in August 1993, the young singer Vlad Stashevsky performed at the "Sunny Adjara" music festival. A year later, the singer released his solo album “Love Doesn't Live Here Any More”.

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And in 1995, the audience heard Stashevsky's second album - "Don't believe me, honey."

In 1996, according to the readers of the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper, Vlad Stashevsky was named the best singer of the year, and he also received the Ovation award for the song Call Me in the Night.

The vocal data of Vlad Stashevsky was not highly appreciated by many music critics, but for the singer's fans it was not important. Stashevsky was adored by fans and listened to his compositions with pleasure.

The musician's career developed very rapidly, every year he released new albums. In 1999, Stashevsky decided to leave his producer Yuri Aizenshpis. As Vlad later said, it was his biggest mistake that he left the producer and went into free musical swimming.

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In 2004, Vlad made his debut as an actor in the play "Love Without Rules". Such famous actors as Elena Kondulainen, Spartak Mishulin, Anna Bolshova and Sergey Rubeko became his colleagues. He also starred in several films: "Beauty Salon", "Babonki", "Daddy's Daughters". Stashevsky could be seen as a participant in the reality show "The Last Hero".

After leaving the producer Aizenshpis, Vlad tried to make music on his own, to become a composer and producer. But in the 2000s, new musical trends began to appear and Stashevsky's work began to fade away.

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Now Vlad is engaged in his own business, sometimes speaks at corporate parties, weddings.

As for his personal life, Vlad was married twice.

In the mid-90s, Stashevsky had a whirlwind romance with singer Natalya Vetlitskaya, who was 10 years older than him. However, the couple's relationship did not work out.

In 1997, Vlad married Olga Alyoshina. The girl was the daughter of the millionaire Vladimir Vladimirovich Alyoshin, who in 1982-2011 was the general director of the Luzhniki Olympic complex.

In 1998, the couple had a son, Daniel. Olga's family was initially opposed to Vlad, and after a while the relationship completely soured. There were rumors that Vlad married Alyosha of convenience, for which he fell out of favor with his parents.

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In 2002, the couple divorced, for a long time Vlad was not allowed to communicate with his son Daniel, and only a few years later the singer was able to restore communication.

In 2006, Vlad got married again. Psychologist Irina Migulya became his chosen one. In 2008, the second wife gave birth to Vlad's son Timofey.

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