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Birthmark or cancer? 5 warning signs that should alert you


Source: Fabiosa

Skin cancer is one of the most common types of oncological neoplasms. Not all of them are fatal, but melanoma is one of the most dangerous of its types. If it is not detected in the early stages, there is a risk of death. This simple diagnosis will help to assess the condition of moles.

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1. Asymmetry

If one half of the mole is different in shape from the other, it may be a sign that the mole is actually a carcinoma, writes Fabiosa.

2. The form

If the shape of the mole is uneven or with fuzzy outlines, this may be a sign of melanoma.

3. Colour

Too dark moles or moles of uneven hue may be signs of the disease.

4. Diameter

If the diameter of a mole exceeds the diameter of a simple pencil, you should pay attention to it, although melanomas are also smaller.

5. Changes

Moles that change size, shape or color, definitely need to check.

If you have checked your birthmarks for these symptoms, but still can not decide whether they are dangerous, it is better to consult a qualified dermatologist. It will be easier for him to determine if there are reasons for excitement.

For the prevention and timely diagnosis of the problem, it is recommended to conduct a self-examination once a month. Write down what moles were already on your body, and carefully examine yourself for new ones.

Timely signs of skin cancer can help get rid of the disease before the cancer spreads further. Most cases of melanoma are due to ultraviolet radiation that radiates from the sun. People with fair skin are especially susceptible to the effects of harmful radiation, although absolutely any type of radiation can be affected by ultraviolet radiation.

Keep your skin healthy - wear sunscreen, cover your body with clothing, wear sun glasses, and have a full body exam in time. Be healthy!

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