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Dad is the mayor of Kiev, mom is a singer in Germany, homeland is the USA: what does Vitali Klitschko's son look like


Source: TSN

Yegor-Daniel Klitschko amazed social networks with his courageous appearance and a statement of his intention to become the mayor of the capital of Ukraine, writes

Photo: vitaliyklitschko / Instagram

The other day Vitali Klitschko celebrated his birthday. The famous athlete, now the mayor of Kiev, is 49 years old. On this occasion, his eldest son congratulated him in a very original way.

“Yegor made me a birthday present. He said that he is going to the mayor of Kiev! He blessed him, of course, ”wrote Klitschko Sr. on his Facebook page.

Photo: vitaliyklitschko / Instagram

Vitaly's subscribers, and then just Internet users, were amazed - it turns out that the mayor has a very handsome and courageous offspring.

Very little is known about Egor-Daniel (this is his full name). The Ukrainian press reports that the young man was born in 2000 in America and spent the first years of his life there.

Later, he moved with his mother Natalia and younger brother Maxim and sister Elizabeth-Victoria to Germany, but then returned to the United States.

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Egor-Daniel entered the Ransom Everglades School in Miami, which costs about $ 30 a year. And his younger brother and sister remained in Hamburg, where they study at the International School. Mom lives there and promotes her musical career - Natalia Klitschko, over the years spent in Germany, has become a fairly famous singer.

Once in an interview, Vitaly said that his son was able to enter a prestigious university in the UK.

“I was very surprised when he sent out his tests after school and received a positive response from one of the best universities in Britain, and I'm very happy. I am proud that he succeeded, and this is not thanks to my father. He tried it himself. I remember how he prepared, I am proud of it, ”said Vitali Klitschko.

Vitaly's children rarely visit Ukraine, so they hardly speak their native language, but they speak Russian and English without problems. Once Yegor-Daniel, when he was 17 years old, even got embarrassed at a meeting with journalists.

Screenshot: TSN / YouTube

He was asked a question in Ukrainian, to which he replied: “No Comment”. Then he was asked directly on the forehead if he understood the Ukrainian language, to which he asked: "Excuse me?" and left. Apparently, he understood where this conversation might go.

In January of this year, Yegor-Daniel was bitten by an alligator in the Everglades National Park when the guy was helping animal care workers as a volunteer. Klitschko posted a photo of his wounded hand on his page on the social network and wrote that the moment was, of course, unpleasant, but everything was fine with him.

All daddy - unbending.

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