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Recommendations from the best interior designers 2017 of the year


Source: Observer

The best designers who are in the top 8 of the most influential interior designers, according to Observer, share their thoughts about how fashion has changed in recent years, what furniture is now popular and what consumers choose. Each of them embodies in his work the aesthetics of New York and can even make an enchanting work of art from an unsightly stone. Observer.

William Sofield: unmistakable fashion glamor.

William Sofield, the winner of the Cooper Hewitt Design Award, argues that any space must not only be analyzed, but imagined how it will look aged after many years.
“Although globalization is beautiful, there is a danger that cities will lose their individuality. As everything moves into the plane of trade, uniqueness is lost. ”Says the man who designed the New York flags for Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta and Ralph Lauren... His latest project is a newly opened boutique Tom Ford on Madison Avenue and 61 Street.

Main board of the project Sofield:

“Disposable furniture is really bad for the environment. Buy something of good quality that you enjoy. Homes need to return respect, and even if it looks worn, it will still be better. Even an old sofa, placed in the right place, will look elegant. I usually give advice to my clients - take $ 5-20 and go to the flea market to buy something original for the house. To this day, my clients are grateful to me, because it is these things that have become my favorite. ”

Alexandra Champalimaud:

Alexandra's team is now designing in the former mansion of Henry Wyard. This is a massive palace in New York, built in the 19 century.
"The first thing we wanted to do was clear a layer or two of the weight - the monumental stone that has defined the hotel for so long."She says of her team's approach to redesigning this legendary hotel. Although he still retains a regal majesty. Contemporary carpets, new lighting and fresh materials combined with architecture prove that history and modernity can coexist.

Design Board by Champalimaud:

“Not everyone wants a 19th century mansion in their one-room apartment — that would be inappropriate and inconvenient, and you probably couldn't live there for long. It's about using space, and as hotel designers, we do magic in minimal spaces. Always let light enter your apartment. The bathroom should, in my opinion, always be light and light, not dark and heavy. Disorder always takes a toll on our souls. "

AvroKO: The beauty of many things is ugly and fuzzy.

If a design firm could be a rock band, then it would be AvroKO... Greg Bradshaw, Christina O'Neill, William Harris and Adam Farmery are rock and roll stars in the interior of New York. They own and operate some of the city's best restaurants, play by their own design rules, and, as O'Neill points out, they are fearless.
“One of our unwritten rules is that we are not afraid to fail, and because of this, everything works out for us. We try everything that comes into our heads, and it works. ”, Says Farmari with a smile.
«The main thing in the company's design philosophy is the idea that they invented themselves. The fact that any piece of stone, snag, found on the Brooklyn Bridge, old things, incomprehensible form of a fireplace - all this is beautiful.
In Saxon and Parole, in our restaurants, such ugly things at first glance became the best decoration. ”

AvroKO about how to master the art Best ugly:

“The key to understanding ugly and incomprehensible things is to see in them the opportunity to give them a second life. Speak with things, turn on the imagination. Sometimes the second attempt for certain things becomes more interesting and rich than the first. ”

Clodagh: truncated integrity of elements.

“I’ve started to move towards luxurious minimalism since I’ve started to design”- says the Irish woman Clodaghwho arrived in New York at the end of 80 after working as a fashion designer and interior designer in Spain. Design Clodagh has always been to give a sense of minimalism to space.
"I am against overly decorated spaces, She explains.
- We include all the elements and all the five senses in our design. ”. No wonder that on account Clodagh creation of design of one of the most beautiful resort towns Six Senses Douro Valley in Portugal and Miami'sA new hotel in Miami.
The New York space that most embodies the philosophy of Claudeach is Landmarcwhere the steel and concrete of New York are presented next to the polished metal.

Advice from Clodagh:

“Get rid of things that don't bring you joy, just get rid of and move on. Ask yourself, “Is this chair the most comfortable chair I can find? Will I be sad for him if he leaves? One of the best things you can do for yourself is go to the hotel, sleep on the hotel bed, and then go out and buy the exact same home. Most people don't buy sleeping on the bed, but the bed itself. "

David Rockwell: A sensation of entertainment.

David Rockwell grew up in Mexico, was educated as an architect and worked on theater lighting. His future was influenced by the profession of a mother who danced in the theater.
He recently opened his own restaurant Nobu Downtown. A long career in designing Broadway productions taught David to see and understand drama in everything.
“The designer is always curious to do something you haven’t done before in your life.”, He explains.
One such example is LAB, software and hardware, seeking to expand design experience by blurring the boundaries between real and virtual.

David Rockwell on the design paradigm shift in New York:

“There is an interesting shift that I feel about new design strategies. This is a refusal to use the idea that the hotel space is designed only for guests. Many of the hotel owner began to approach the design from the point of view, as if their own home. And this makes it possible to move on to more courageous options. The 80's design is currently popular, where combinations can be quite sharp. New York is moving in its development in waves, and now we are in that time when Brooklyn dictates fashion ”

Jeffrey beers: Individual elegance.

The quintessence of this New Yorker is the use of glassblowing talent. Jeffrey had such an experience while working with master Dale Chihuly at the Rhode Island School of Design.
“Glass allows me to express myself as an artist and to be bold in design”Says Bierce, leaning against a massive 9-by-11-meter glass wall at the glamorous Porter House in New York. At the recently opened exhibition Gotham market 18 is represented by blown glass chandeliers specially ordered by artists from Urban glass.

Designer Tips Jeffrey beers:

“Lighting can really make a home a much more theatrical, dynamic space. Dimmers are essential, and my approach to lighting is to always illuminate surfaces - walls, materials, screens - indirect lighting is very important. Great decorative lighting can also enhance the experience. "

Mark zeff: Wood and polished.

Mark has been successfully managing his design firm since 1980's, his style is called Black barn (named after his own house Hamptons). In addition, Zeff has its own store Black Barn in Dumbowhere you can find very interesting designer items, including those brought from Morocco and Bali. In addition, Zeff is developing projects for New York and Nashville as part of a new brand. Virgin Hotels Richard Branson.

Mark zeff about your love for materials:

“I'm from South Africa. I grew up in Cape Town, where there has always been a complex mix of rustic, raw. I like the juxtaposition of roughness and smoothness, beauty and elegance with something that is not it - I have had it since childhood. I love working with materials in their most honest form - basic yet beautiful objects in wood, raw concrete and metal. People love to touch these materials. ”

Roman and Williams: The charm of cinematic chic.

Robin and Stephen - husband and wife, a melodramatic story in the style of "how a man met a woman in Hollywood." They met while working on a series of blockbusters.
“The pace of work is breathtaking. You build a restaurant in four weeks, it gives you the opportunity to experiment. An exciting platform for design and architecture. We learned a lot in 10 years in Paramount».
Then the couple moved to New York, where she worked on the hotel. Royalton, Ace hotel.
“Working in films really taught us to be subordinate to the script and the story. When it is a place of residence, history is the history of a person, and in the case of Top of the Standard, this is a whole city ", Says Standfer.

Roman and Williams about designer trends (they hate the word "trends"):

“The main hallmark of modernism was once simple white rooms, now it's a cliché. And the pinnacle of the standard now is the ability to create a detailed design in the Art Nouveau style, in which things do not just exist, but live, grow and change. It helps people to know how many things are created and developed, many have questions for manufacturers. America is growing, we are becoming more sophisticated in terms of design, food, architecture and we thank God that we always have room to grow! "

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