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Recommendations for luck and success in December

Alexander Litvin

researcher, pharmacist


December is the time when you need to make the most of your intuition, this is the month when it is at its best, even if you have never noticed the intuitive decisions made.

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Each season has its own characteristics, and this is the main feature of December. However, with an increase in the level of intuition, the ability to think logically decreases sharply, the manifestation of logic in December is not the best thing to do, and therefore people, whom everyone considers logicians, will not be popular in December. Humanity, for the most part, can only make decisions in the future and see their consequences, but in December we can intuitively choose the time for making a decision and therefore December is the best time to plan starts in a particular case, such as registering your company, date the appointment of a wedding or the beginning of a vacation and other events that we are planning.

The main problem of December is chaos, which is not supported by everyone. It is easy to live according to a clear schedule, when everything is in its place, when there are certain rules and agreements, but in December the tendency to order will always be met with criticism.

Many may say about December as a period when it is sad and nothing is clear, and this depression is related to the fact that intuition fights against logic and prevails.


December is a unique time to understand how correct your choice is. Take your time and try to keep quiet together with a potential partner. For established couples, whose relationships are built on love, and by and large on an intuitive desire to be close to a person, they will not be subject to tests, but marriages of convenience require adjustment and there is a real opportunity, dropping logic, to consider in their partners more than a vehicle on the path of a good life. Do not demand from your partners an explanation of the reasons for certain actions and words, it will be difficult for them to explain why this is so and not otherwise.


Do not be annoyed by the clutter in the children's room and low marks in the exact sciences, reorient your children to comprehend the humanities, history, geography and the development of spoken foreign language. Many small children who have been silent for a long time will start talking in December, and your personal verbal communication with the child will serve as an incentive for this, not cartoons, and oral speech with eye to eye will allow them to quickly learn the connection between thoughts and words.

December is the time for mastering the water element in any of its aggregates, put children on skates and skis, take them to the pool or give them the opportunity to just walk and lie in the snow. All these activities will be beneficial. In December, those who were born in June must be protected, their immune status is weakened and they are more tired than everyone else.


Each month provokes an exacerbation of a disease, December will move stones, no matter where they are, in the kidneys or in the gallbladder. The presence of such diseases requires caution, and first of all, mechanical vibrations should be avoided, which can be caused by jumping or working with vibrating tools, heavy impact tools. Diagnosis - vegetative-vascular dystonia will remind of itself, primarily by a sharp decrease in blood pressure, and in order to avoid orthostatic collapse, such patients should slowly move their body position from horizontal to vertical.

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First of all, the diet of December should resemble the diet of a traveler: everything is simple, high in calories and with a good shelf life. As strange as it sounds, December is the time for fast food. Sometimes it is useful to eat something quick, a hamburger or noodles, all of this is acceptable in December, but I do not recommend overusing it. The most important product of December, however, like any other month, is clean drinking water half an hour before each meal.


December is the best time for strategic planning of the development of your business or enterprise, and brainstorming is necessary. Many bosses should abandon job regulations and hear the opinion of ordinary employees on the issue of production growth and other indicators. You will get a lot of smart ideas, and if you keep your plans secret from competitors, success will surely come. At the beginning of the month there is a need for a collective meeting, at which it is necessary to focus the employees' attention on the confidentiality of information. Those who are engaged in routine will have a hard time, if there is an opportunity - go on a business trip. In December, all the best is done along the way.


Despite the winter, traveling in December is always beneficial, switching consciousness to the road, you can get spontaneous information to solve many problems. For lovers of winter fishing, the best time is coming, and this is the most suitable period to accustom young fishermen to it. A great time to visit the northern territories and listen to the creak of snow under your feet, which, like a tuning fork, adjusts our intuition to the right wave.


In December, we traditionally spend a lot of money on gifts and food, after all, this is the pre-New Year period. It is important to remember that in December we absolutely do not know how to save, and therefore it makes sense to plan all the necessary purchases from the first days of December, since the closer the longest night of the year, the less hope that logic will save from expenses, and intuition - this quality is absolutely not material, and there is a great danger of squandering everything on emotions.

STARTING (new projects, contracts, relocations)

December is in good harmony with transport and therefore buying vehicles will bring you joy and benefit. The assortment includes not only cars, there are snowmobiles and motorized dogs, sledges and skis and even skates. Anything that is designed to move in space will last a long time. December is great for those who have decided to take up psychology, both professionally and for themselves. December is great for reconnaissance - surveying the upcoming place of residence or study. If you are planning a move to an unfamiliar city, the best time to quickly understand whether this is your place or not. It's not bad to visit the university you are going to enroll in, take a walk along the corridors, look at the students. December will help you make your choice.

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