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Longevity recipe: nutritionist has named nutrition rules for people aged 50+



What should people eat after 50 to stay healthy longer, full of strength and energy, so necessary in the spring? What foods are better to include in the diet in order to maintain balance in the body? Which dish is ideal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? All this exclusively for the portal said the Russian doctor, nutritionist and gastroenterologist Nuria Dianova.

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Firstly, for older people, the doctor recommends an ovolactovegetarian diet, which involves the inclusion of milk and eggs in food.

Secondly, fasting days will bring great benefits to the health and longevity of a person who has crossed a 50-year milestone. They should be vegetable, with a minimal inclusion of protein - and then only of plant origin. You can also include fruits in your diet if you don’t have diabetes or excess weight. Such days, Nuria Dianova recommends arranging once a week.

The third important point for maintaining a balanced diet is the presence of all the necessary components and trace elements in the diet. In particular, for the prevention of atherosclerosis in the vessels, we need the unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids found in fish. Accordingly, at an older age, the fish must be present on the menu, or they should be replaced with additives.

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“Before taking supplements, you need to take an analysis for the omega-3 index, consult your doctor, who will select the necessary drug. Vitamin D deficiency leads to a risk of osteoporosis, in particular in older women, it also needs to be replenished. The selection of drugs must be carried out together with your doctor, ”the expert explains.

The fourth golden rule of nutrition is the presence of dairy products in the diet. Milk, if you have no lactone intolerance, is also useful because it is low in calories and contains easily digestible proteins and fats. Include in the menu and cottage cheese, the optimal fat content of which should not exceed 5%.

The fifth rule, which becomes the key to longevity, is that every day you eat fiber. It can be fruits - in the morning, and vegetables - in the second. The bread on the menu should be whole grain.

“The most ideal dish in terms of a healthy and balanced diet is an omelet with vegetables. Stew the frozen vegetables and pour them with a mixture of eggs and milk (for lactose intolerance - water). One egg and one or two proteins are taken per person, depending on gender. Such an omelet is quickly prepared, nutritious, easy to digest and can be eaten both for breakfast and in the evening for dinner, ”the nutritionist recommends.

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The doctor recalls: a protein deficiency in the body of an elderly person can cause a decrease in hormone production, changes in biochemistry and even edema. To avoid such troubles, Nuria Dianova advises people of the age not to save on products with a high protein content and thereby extend their life for another decade.

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