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Allowed to sit on the throne, gave furnishings: the son of Elizabeth II brought an American mistress to the palace


Source: 24tv

The 60-year-old son of Queen Elizabeth II again fell into a scandal. It would seem that after accusations of intimate relations with minors, Prince Andrew's reputation cannot be ruined. However, new details appeared in the press about the relations of the representative of the British royal family, writes 24tv.


According to The Sun, Prince Andrew once again disgraced himself publicly. In the 2000s, he had a romantic relationship with the American model Caprice Bure, who is 12 years younger than him. Although the couple’s feelings lasted only a few months before the press was publicized, Her Majesty’s son managed to make several broad gestures for his chosen one.

The close circle of the 48-year-old star spoke about her romance with Prince Andrew, whom she met at a formal dinner in Britain. For two months, they regularly talked on the phone and made several secret dates. Two of them occurred within the walls of the royal residence - in Buckingham Palace. According to the regulations, family members can invite guests only in advance by warning the protection of the estate.

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Prince Andrew gave his beloved Caprice Boer a kind of walk around Buckingham Palace. Together they visited the Throne Hall, which housed the Queen Victoria’s golden state throne. The prince himself suggested that the girl sit on the throne and allowed him to pick up the bowl, which model sent her mother a gift.

“During one of these visits, she noticed a bowl that she liked and asked Andrew for permission to take it and send it to Mom. She claims that he allowed her to do it and her mother really liked this present from the palace, ”said the insiders.

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Relations between Prince Andrew and Caprice Bure were platonic and ended after the first press releases about the novel. However, the model’s environment notes that not only the son of Queen Elizabeth II, but also her grandson, Prince Harry, could not resist her beauty and temptation. A 16-year-old guy had a calendar with a picture of a girl in a room in Eaton, so the young man was intrigued by the friendship of his uncle with Caprice Bure.

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