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What can kings: Elizabeth II's daily routine


Source: The crown chronicles

From the outside it seems that the Queen’s daily routine should be exclusively occupied with balls, dresses and pleasures. In fact, Elizabeth II is busy from morning to midnight. Her day is painted every minute, and royal duties are not particularly diverse.

Let's look at a typical day when Elizabeth II wakes up, offers The crown chronicles. This usually happens on 8: 30 in the morning. After a light breakfast, the queen begins reading the official press. As the head of state, she must keep abreast of important political and economic news from around the world. After newspapers and news comes the turn of letters from public organizations and individuals. The Queen has the habit of personally responding to some of them, selected specifically or at random. The remaining lady is answered by a court lady, previously instructed and familiar with palace etiquette.

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After the correspondence, the time comes for the so-called Red Box, where all the important documents are put together for royal review, confirmation, approval or signature. The time of the Red Box comes steadily, every day Her Majesty is obliged to review the contents. The only day off from the documentation is Christmas. The daily schedule of the Queen has made some time for official meetings or business trips. She is usually accompanied by her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. For each meeting there is a certain time limit. And no one has the right to violate it. Also, in the afternoon, various award ceremonies, knight initiations and other important, solemn state events are held.

In 13.00, Her Majesty is having lunch. She prefers to avoid carbohydrates, so vegetables and fish often dominate the menu. Once a month in the Kingdom there is a solemn dinner with invited guests. But mostly Elizabeth II prefers to spend this time in the family circle. Then begins the time for public events, which are selected by the Queen personally. At its disposal is a royal helicopter or train, so you can comfortably reach anywhere in England.

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In 16: 00 begin to prepare traditional English tea with biscuits, chocolate sponge, sandwiches and cookies. In the schedule of Elizabeth II, there will definitely be a “gap” to communicate with your favorite dogs, corgi and Labradors. Her Majesty also adores horses and gives them a lot of attention. So she rests, gets rid of stress and returns composure.

In 19: 30 usually comes dinner or banquet, communication with government dignitaries, official receptions and evening parties. This is a time of big politics and important decisions. If the Queen has a free evening, she can spend it in front of the TV. The Queen usually goes to bed by midnight to fully relax and be ready for the next eventful day.

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