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Early schooling is bad for children.


Source: Patch

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, after examining the effects of early ascent on adolescents, came to the conclusion that 8: 30 should be postponed to school so that teens can sleep more for a week and have a better rest.

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Scientists have concluded that the constant lack of sleep is detrimental to the child. As writes edition Patch, because of this, performance decreases, attention dissipates, irritability increases. Only a small delay would reduce delays, improve performance and improve driving safety.

“Waking up early prevents teens from getting enough sleep, and chronic sleep loss for children is associated with a host of problems, including poor school performance, increased depressive symptoms and road traffic accidents,” says Dr. Nathaniel Watson.Nathaniel Watson), a representative of the Academy.

Doctors insist that teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18 should sleep at least 8-10 hours per day. Studies conducted among American schoolchildren show that the standard mode of the day for American schoolchildren does not meet these standards. About two thirds of all schoolchildren sleep no more than 7 hours per day during the whole working week.

Scientists of the Academy note that a decrease in the number of hours to sleep can cause a number of negative consequences for schoolchildren:

  • Poor school performance;
  • Obesity;
  • Metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases;
  • Increase in depressive symptoms;
  • Suicidal thoughts;
  • Risky behavior;
  • Sports injuries.

Psychologists and pediatricians, in order to avoid a stressful awakening, recommend starting to wake the child at least 10 minutes before he has to get up - so the teenager will have a little time to lie down and tune in to the affairs of the new day. Create a ritual that cheers up your child and follow it even on weekends. Do not forget to warm up lightly in the morning. The habit of morning exercises develops within 21 days, and after that the child himself will begin the morning with exercises. But the most important thing is to go to bed on time in the evening. According to doctors, the most productive sleep is from 22-00 to midnight. Therefore, it is important to go to bed before 10 pm.

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