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Five external signs of a 'cheap' woman



It is not a secret for anybody that the external image of a woman practically does not depend on the budget she spends on herself. However, there are things with the head betraying the one who used to save on themselves. And it's not just clothes.

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What can give you a woman who treats herself and her image without generosity and respect? Understand offers

1. Copies of branded items

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"Poor" woman is very keen to hide their financial distress. She is ashamed of her modest income and considers it her duty to prove to others the opposite. Hence her love for pseudo-brands. Instead of spending a small budget on a high-quality leather bag that will last more than one year, she would rather buy an unpretentious fake accessory from a fashion house in order to “throw dust in her eyes” and appear successful and wealthy.

2. Extinct look

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Such a woman is almost never fun, optimistic and active. She prefers to scold everyone and everything, completely forgetting that there are a lot of beautiful things in the world that do not require financial investments. She is not interested in art and music, she is fixated only on her own insolvency. And this, in the first place, is read in the eye.

3. Luxury goods on credit

Trying to "look no worse than others" such a woman would not hesitate to take an expensive smartphone on credit, instead of choosing a phone she could afford, or for several years to pay the bank a debt for a fur coat made of valuable fur. Indeed, in the mind of a poor woman, this is the only way to appear richer and more fortunate than she really is.

4. Lowered corners of the mouth

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Another characteristic feature that can easily be found literally in every “beggar” is the lowered corners of the mouth. At first, dissatisfied facial expressions are simply permanently present in all situations that cause her displeasure: whether it is the sudden success of a colleague or the insufficient amount of her husband’s salary. And then her face becomes accustomed to such facial expressions, and the lowered corners of the mouth, together with the outlined nasolabial folds, accompany her through life.

5. The abundance of gold jewelry

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Visible external "marker" of those who want to look richer than it actually is - a large number of gold jewelry, worn at the same time. Often, among themselves, these accessories are not combined, but the woman does not care. She seeks to show her "wealth" the only affordable way - putting on all the gold available at the same time.

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