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Traveling with children: lifehacks and tips


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Most people get such positive emotions on travel that when they are deprived - for one reason or another - of this opportunity, they experience real stress. It is also believed that with the advent of a child, travel should be forgotten, or they cease to be carefree, because you have to constantly face unforeseen situations.

In this article, we have collected life hacking for you, which will help to significantly reduce the number of troubles or eliminate them completely and make traveling with your child easy and enjoyable.




Do not get lost!

All parents are haunted by the fear of distraction for a second and losing a child out of sight. And if older children can make an appointment at a certain place, if you get lost, then this number will not work with small children. The problem can be solved by a necklace or a bracelet, on the fragments of which your telephone number will be engraved. Or you can put on the child's hand a temporary tattoo, with the phone numbers of the parents or their address. In this case, anyone who finds a baby will be able to contact you.

Free hands

The kid requires heightened attention, but it’s quite burdensome to hold it all the time. If you are waiting for long flights or car trips, an invention such as a hammock for a baby can be a godsend. It is very convenient to use in the plane. It is important to remember that the use of a hammock during takeoff, the passage of turbulence zones and landing is prohibited! But the rest of the time he will help you out a lot.


Cost about $ 40.

Fridge in a regular container

If you are going to places where there will be no food, and you do not have a thermo bag with cold batteries, you will need a simple idea that will allow you to keep food for your child. Simply put in the food container a pre-frozen and wrapped sponge bag filled with water.

And remember that if the food from the container still inspires you suspicion, it is better to just throw it away than to put the health of the child at risk!

Distract and entertain the child

So that your child does not get bored on the road and does not arrange “fun adventures” for you and those around you, you need to stock up on games and toys. In addition to his favorite toys, take some brand new ones. And to make it easier for the baby to play, put a pillow on your knees, and a kitchen tray on it. This will create an impromptu playground, as well as a table for books and food.


Things organizer

If you are traveling by car, it may be very useful organizer for things - with a large number of compartments, which is attached to the headrest of the front seats. Arrange your essentials in it, so as not to search for them in numerous bags. This applies to both ordinary things and toys, and baby care products.

Apple Designer

If you are going with your baby for a long walk, and you don’t have a knife, or you just don’t want to take it with you, cut the apples for the road into the required number of slices. And so that they do not darken and remain fresh for a long time, collect the apple pieces back and secure the slices with rubber bands - across the cuts.

Among other things, it will be very useful to know

When flying by plane due to the difference in pressure at the height of the jars with baby food may explode.

Under reduced pressure, jars with curds or yoghurts can swell. The quality of the products does not suffer. But in order not to be confused with a really spoiled product, always check the production date and the integrity of the packaging!

If you have a long trip, a long flight or a long transfer on your nose, then you need to take care of the water for the child in advance. Bottled water should always be with you! Interestingly, according to the rules for carrying hand luggage, you have the right to take with you only containers up to 100 ml and no more than 1 liter of liquids in total, and the smallest volume of a bottle with mineral water is 330 ml. This is why vigilant employees are more likely to get her to post it. However, if you bought special bottled water for children, you can declare during the inspection that this is baby food. Airport employees have no right to challenge this!

When choosing baby food, check at what temperature conditions it is stored. We are satisfied with the mode from 0 to 25 degrees.

If on vacation you plan to walk a lot, we recommend that you purchase in advance special equipment for carrying children: slings or backpacks. It will be better if the backpack is with a visor or a raincoat.


On the road, you will always need non-spill cups, baby bottles, bibs (preferably disposable), a first-aid kit with medicines for the child, which your doctor will recommend, diapers, wet antibacterial wipes.

It is very important to carefully consider your baby’s wardrobe. The weather will not be able to give you trouble if you pick up clothes for all occasions.


Using these simple tips and things, you can avoid the excitement associated with unforeseen situations and enjoy traveling with your baby.

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