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Pugacheva boasted a ring worth five apartments in Moscow. A PHOTO


Source: МК

The fans did not immediately notice this photo - but when the ring was noticed, they began to vigorously discuss it on the Web and in the media. The gift to the prima donna was presented by her husband Maxim Galkin.


Alla Pugacheva got a photo with a luxurious ring on her finger. Experts say that such a diamond ring in 12 carats costs at least five one-room apartments in Moscow. It turned out that such a magnificent gift to the prima donna was made by spouse Maxim Galkin, writes МК.

People's Artist of the USSR Alla Pugacheva hit the photo with a new ring on her finger with a large diamond. The photo was posted on Instagram by Alla Borisovna’s girlfriend, actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya. Earlier with this ring Prima donnu not noticed. Fans decided that she received the ring as a gift for the 70 anniversary.

Jewelry designer Dina Jafarova stated with confidence that this is a ring of excellent quality that you will not find on the shelves of jewelry stores in Moscow, the website KP.RU reported.

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Jafarova suggested that this ring was made to order. She also appreciated that the central diamond has a mass of at least 12 carats, but perhaps more. The specialist noted the snow-white color of all the stones, which is the main criterion in the price.

“According to the most conservative estimates, the price of such jewelry starts at 450 thousand dollars (over 28 million rubles),” the designer said. She added that if this is a product of a well-known brand, then the price can increase significantly. Jafarova gave an example when a similar ring from Cartier was recently sold for 180 million rubles ($ 2,8 million).

Journalists believe that the spouse Pugacheva could give her husband Maxim Galkin. Earlier, the daughter of Pugacheva Kritisna Orbakaite said that "Maxim treats her mother as a real treasure." And this phrase by Galkin justifies the phrase.

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