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Parachuting, yoga and tango at age 97: American shared her youth secrets


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After 75, Phyllis Suze was fond of acrobatics and even jumped with a parachute, and she calls her boring past life a dream, tells Championship.

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At 90, the American Phyllis Seuss made a parachute jump, 80 did yoga, and 75 - aerial acrobatics. Now she is 97, and she passionately dances the Argentinean tango, jumps with a skipping rope, easily sits on a twine, holds the bar and does not think that she is doing something incredible.

“My life was like a dream. And then I woke up

Phyllis Seuss in her youth was a ballerina, then retrained as a dancer on Broadway, and at 50 became a businesswoman. Life went on. Everything changed dramatically when a woman turned 75. She took up aerial acrobatics! I just told myself that I could, and I did. Seuss did the most difficult things on the trapeze. At the same time, she had never done anything like this before, although dancing and ballet require excellent physical shape. But until a certain age.

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A typical image of a woman at 75 is unlikely to fit in with aerial acrobatics. But the Phillies liked to swim against the tide. She decided that she would completely change her lifestyle.

“My life until 75 was more like a dream, and then I woke up. I wanted to be active, to learn something new. I decided that every day is a new life, and every day should be bright, ”she says.

Dancing, fitness, yoga and other hobbies of the Phillies

The incredible woman admitted that she did not think of doing yoga, jumping rope, Argentinean tango, but all these hobbies found her themselves.

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“It took me a lifetime to like myself the way I am now. Yoga, tango and jump rope found me by chance when life was already going to sunset. But no, it turned out to be the dawn! Now I’m just doing what the body and soul require, ”the brave woman explained.

It is difficult to call the grandmother of a man who at the age of 97 (!) Sits on a twine, makes a stand on his head, and performs tango with such passion as if she were 18.

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Six minutes with a skipping rope

Every day, Phyllis Seuss begins with a stretch: sits on the twine right in bed.

Then jump rope starts with increasing pace. This exercise lasts six minutes - amazing cardio, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

And then 45-60 minutes - yoga. According to Suze, her friend brought her to the class (I wonder how old is that?), And what Phyllis saw she did not like at all. But the teacher in just five minutes convinced the Phillies to just try. After that, she no longer imagines herself without yoga.

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“I practice yoga to live, and I live to do yoga,” says Seuss.

There are no restrictions on the woman’s diet. Phyllis eats often, but in small portions. And never its weight has not exceeded 50 kg, and the last couple of decades - 45 kg.

Then came the tango that she started at 85! You need to be perfectly prepared for this dance physically, but how can anyone doubt the shape of Suze?

Book of tips

In early 2020, Phyllis Seuss completed the book, which she began five years ago.

It was originally called Twenty Tips for Changing Your Life. As a result, there were 22 tips, and the book came out with the title “My Journey to Health: Activity”.

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And you can follow these tips now. Here are some of them.

  • First and foremost: you can never tell yourself that there is no strength or time. This is an empty excuse.
  • Second: it’s never too late to change your life.
  • Third: there must be a certain routine in life. It disciplines.
  • Fourth: do not sit still - move, listen, study, do something useful, but do not sit.
  • Fifth: remember that our body has unique abilities, and if you take care of it, it will allow you to live long and bright.

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