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Test Yourself: Experts Name Signs of 'Quarantine Depression'


Source: RIA News

Some people began showing signs of "quarantine depression" during isolation. What is it dangerous, and how to get rid of it, told radio Sputnik "RIA News" psychotherapist Aina Gromova.

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The month of self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic spoiled the psyche of many Russians. Because of the forced quarantine, someone even began to develop clinical depression. Its causes may be different, but the symptoms are always similar. The psychotherapist Aina Gromova said that they can be noticed even during a banal family watching TV.

“The first thing to pay attention to is increased irritability. Doctors call this symptom hyperesthesia or hypersensitivity of the nervous system. If before a person walked past the TV with a loud sound and felt calm, now loud sounds cause a sharp storm in him, ”the psychotherapist told Sputnik radio.

The Russians, who think that depression during self-isolation is a far-fetched problem that has no effect on life, Aina Gromova recalls that neglected cases can lead to disastrous results, so you need to immediately pay attention to alarming signals.

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“If you wake up in the morning, and you feel like a truck ran over you, then this factor will drain the nervous system and can provoke further development of clinical depression. If before you smiled, dreamed about something and made plans, but now you don't want anything, then this should also alert you. It is also very important that when depressed people will note that they have no desire to eat. For them, meat and grass will be the same. Also, if you do not have any sexual needs at the age of 30, 40 or 50, then this is also worth paying attention to, because this is not a very good factor, ”explained psychotherapist Gromova.

Defeating the "quarantine depression" can be done with a simple technique.

“We need to find personal space over time for doing nothing without tasks and interactions with the family. If a person does not have personal space, then he cannot recover and all the time complains that he would like to be alone, but there is no time. So, time must always be found, without waiting for the moment when things get bad, ”the psychotherapist told Sputnik radio.

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