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Even the most stylish and thoughtful interior can disappoint if you do not follow the important details that can spoil the whole impression of the house, writes Design Homes.

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Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but the cleanliness and freshness in the house can transform not only the interior of the rooms, but also your own perception, improve performance and establish relationships with loved ones. What little things are really worth fixing to live in a neat and attractive apartment in every way:

  1. Scattered trash and excess items

Few people really love cleaning, but clean, fresh-smelling rooms are loved by everyone. The mess in the apartment is created gradually: it's all about the habit of putting things off for later. A candy wrapper not thrown out in time, an unwashed mug near the computer, “lost” toys - one item lying out of place turns into dozens. It is much easier not to accumulate dirt, but to get into the habit of immediately putting things in their places. It is important that all family members follow this rule. If the reason for the "blockages" is an ill-conceived storage system, you should choose more comfortable furniture.

  1. Dirty shower curtain

A trifle that can ruin the entire bathroom environment is a curtain darkened by water. It may appear cloudy, rust and even mold. The accumulation of bacteria is dangerous to health, especially for people with reduced immunity. For the curtain to last longer, there should be good ventilation in the bathroom. After each shower, the product should be straightened out to dry. The polyester curtain can be washed with bleach, soda and vinegar. It is enough to wipe PVC products with a dry cloth, and in case of contamination they will withstand even abrasives. It is better to wash the fabric curtain with powder in a delicate mode at low temperature.

  1. Expired Products and Cosmetics

Long forgotten sauce in the bowels of the refrigerator, a container with moldy leftovers, expired kefir - is it worth keeping all this near fresh food and risk your health? Delay threatens not only with an unpleasant smell, but also takes away free space on the shelves. The same applies to cosmetics and perfumes - personal care products should not be stored for years.

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  1. Chipped dishes

Damaged cups and plates can hardly be called attractive, but this is not the only reason why it is better to get rid of them. Doctors say that cracks in the dishes increase the likelihood of pathogenic bacteria entering the human body. Moisture stagnates in the chips, which means that a favorable environment is formed for the development of pathogenic microflora. It is almost impossible to remove bacteria from the porous material: it enters food and drink.

  1. Unwashed bathroom

In the bathroom and toilet, cleanliness should be perfect: if fungus has accumulated in the tile joints, traces of human activity remain on the toilet seat, and the bathtub has become brown from rust, then even the most expensive plumbing will not save the interior. Both special cleaning agents (whiteness-gel, "Domestos") and folk (acetic acid, copper sulfate) will help against mold. Rust is removed by citric acid, Sanox and other compounds suitable for various types of baths.

  1. Dusty curtains

Fabric curtains actively absorb odors and dust flying from the windows. For curtains, as well as for any textiles, you must regularly take care of: clean them with a brush or vacuum cleaner. If this is not done, the fabric will soon fade. It is worth remembering that thin tulle is polluted faster, and especially those that hang on the kitchen window. Clean curtains - an indicator of how carefully the owners monitor the order and comfort in the house.

  1. Greasy towels

Many details that are inconspicuous at first glance make the interior untidy. Fresh, washed towels in the kitchen or in the bathroom will ruin the whole impression of even the most modern and stylish setting. Hand and body towels should be washed every 2-3 days, and kitchen towels should be changed every other day. Unfortunately, frequent washing destroys the fabric, so you need to purchase new towels every three years.

  1. Open wires

The abundance of unmasked cords and power strips spoils the appearance of the room, making it unsightly. Sometimes it is impossible to get rid of wires, but there are many ways to hide them. The wires from the computer can be fixed under the countertop using stationery binders and screws. Conventional cable ties and cable ties are also appropriate.

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  1. Dirty glass surfaces

If there are a lot of mirrors in the apartment, you need to monitor their cleanliness: the left prints and splashes of toothpaste on the mirror discourage all the desire to look at it. The same applies to windows: modern detergents are very effective in combating stains and pollution. First, the glasses are washed with a cleaning agent or soapy solution, then with clean water, and then wiped with a dry cloth. Glittering windows add light and air to the room.

  1. Stained microwave

Another annoying detail that is easy to hide, but still cannot be ignored: the dirty inside of the microwave. If the walls are overgrown with fat, you should put a bowl of water in it and turn on the stove at full power. The steam will soften the dirt and will not be difficult to remove. And to get rid of the old smell, you can "boil" lemon slices in water for 5 minutes.

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