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Simple pleasures: 9 healthy and enjoyable steps to the best winter of your life


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For many of us, winter is not the most favorite time of the year: it is dark outside for most of the day, everything around seems gray and dull, the cold and winter wind do not add optimism at all. And if a cold also catches up, then what kind of mood is there, writes

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In fact, making winter your favorite time of the year, joyfully celebrating the New Year and actively spending your holidays is not so difficult.

Step One: Add Vitamins

Vitamins can be obtained not only from balanced mineral complexes. Add red and orange vegetables, as well as fruits, oily fish, seafood, nuts, sauerkraut, olive oil, liver, nuts and chocolate.

By the way, the New Year’s fruit, tangerine, contains vitamins A, D, K, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and iron. And vitamin C is rich in kiwi, fresh cabbage, citrus fruits, dill and turnips.

Step two: get a cat

Cats not only protect their owners from heart disease (it is proved that a person stroking a cat has a decrease in blood pressure and normalizes pulse), but also increase their immunity and reduce stress levels.

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Step Three: Laugh More

Watching your favorite comedies is a great way to spend a long winter evening. Laughter affects the immune system almost like a sport: it reduces stress and cholesterol, increases the level of endorphins.

Step Four: Walk More

Walking in the fresh frosty air is another reliable way to strengthen your immune system. Just choose the right clothes and shoes for walking.

Step Five: Temper

The simplest hardening procedure is alternately dousing with cold and hot water. The temperature of cold water must be reduced gradually, and the dousing cycle must be completed with hot water. The procedure itself should take about 5 minutes.

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It is best to spend it in the morning, as it has an invigorating effect. Those who do not like contrasting douche of the whole body can try dousing their hands - from the hand to the elbow.

Step Six: Add Spice

Spices such as hot red and black peppers, cinnamon, turmeric and ginger help the body defeat the common cold. Add onions and garlic to dishes - they contain a lot of volatile products that kill harmful bacteria and microorganisms, and also strengthen recovery processes.

Step seven: diversify your diet

Include a variety of foods in your diet: meat, oily fish, cereals and vegetables, fruits, foods with probiotics, limit sweet and flour foods. Try not to overeat, especially during the holidays.

Step Eight: Avoid Stress

Try to find free time for hobbies and relaxation from work. Learn to calmly accept difficult situations and not get nervous over trifles.

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Step Nine: Drink Red Wine and Tea

Dry red wine strengthens the immunity of nerve cells, reduces blood pressure in the vessels. In addition, resveratrol contained in it reduces hunger. The main thing is not to exceed a daily dose of 50-100 ml. But you can drink more tea, especially herbal. The readiness of tea is easy to determine by its color: when the herbal tea is ready to drink, it has a rich dark yellow, amber hue.

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