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A simple and effective way to clean the blinds, without removing from the window


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General cleaning, sure frightens many. And me as well. As soon as you determine the date of the upcoming total cleaning, an endless list of all the tasks that need to be redone in one Saturday is built in your head. But how to do everything?

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Wash curtains, knock out carpets, wash dishes in a cupboard, wash windows and so on. But you still need not forget about the blinds on the windows, the author recalls InfoHome. It would seem that washing them is easy enough, but only if you have a bath and patience to get them back in shape after cleaning. I admit honestly, I had problems with the last condition, so for several years I have been cleaning the blinds without removing them from the window.

I am sure that you can’t wait to find out about this unique way. But before we begin, I want to warn you that we will talk about classic horizontal plastic blinds.

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To relieve blinds from dust in the living room, take a pair of kitchen tongs and wrap each of the halves with a microfiber cloth. If suddenly you do not have such a wonderful tool in the household, do not despair - put any sock on your hand. The main thing is that it should be larger than your hand. This method will allow in a few minutes to make your blinds clean.

When you need to clean the blinds in the kitchen, which can drip drops of fat, I pre-process napkins on tongs with detergent. You can also pre-spray the diluted detergent in the water over the surface of the blinds, but then you will need to wipe the glass of the windows from possible splashes.

Keep a clothespin close at hand to keep the clean planks clean from the dirty ones in case you need to be distracted from cleaning.

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You can also do a little maintenance in the house, which will minimize the appearance of dust, and the blinds will be enough to wash 1-2 once a year:

  • Do not forget to regularly wash and clean your pets;
  • Watch the filters in your air conditioners;
  • if you have fans in your house, wash the blades before switching on;
  • Do not forget to wash curtains and curtains on the windows.

Such care in the complex will allow to protect from dust not only blinds on the windows, but also your house as a whole. Unfortunately, during the warm period of the year during active airing, prevention and wet cleaning will have to be done more often.

But I have no doubt that you can handle it. As a result, a few hours will be enough for general cleaning.

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