1. Gym membership

If from 12 visits you have mastered only 3, and the period of validity of the subscription comes to an end, the conclusion suggests itself. This is not only your problem - many of those who buy subscriptions or club cards no longer appear in the gym. Do not waste money, there are many exercises that you can do at home - absolutely free and at any time. Alone.

2. Camera

Anyone with a smartphone can easily do without a separate device for taking pictures. The latest models have great cameras, plenty of file storage, and a whole host of extra features for shooting. With their help, you can really cool pictures. So why do you need a separate camera?

3. Multivitamins

Regular intake of vitamins is the easiest way to feel like a person who cares about health. Alas, it is often just a waste of money. Before buying another package of such drugs, visit a doctor and see what exactly not enough for your body.

4. Chic Wedding Dress

How is it, because ideally a wedding happens only once? Exactly, which is why spending crazy money on an outfit that you will never wear again is not very practical. If you marry again, it is unlikely that you will need an old dress. Add to its cost the cost of a garter, veil and other tinsel - then any budget will burst at the seams. To avoid overspending, rent a dress or choose a versatile dress that you can continue to use as a holiday outfit.

5. Bottled water

Pouring water from the tap in the bottle and sell - a great idea. Manufacturers make big money on this. You can continue to maintain their well-being or simply buy a special bottle and pour filtered water there before leaving the house.

6. Landline phone

Not everyone will agree with this, but in order to keep within the budget, it is worth giving up everything superfluous, including the landline phone. If every member of your family has a mobile phone, then a landline phone is simply not needed. It will be useful only to people living in areas where there are interruptions in mobile communications.

7. Workout clothes

Special suits for yoga, crossfit and gym classes are very useful if there is nothing to fill the space on the top shelves in the closet. For the most part, this is just a scam for the money of fashionistas. Work out in ordinary T-shirts and shorts - you don’t have to go to the podium in them.

8. Semi-finished products

Their nutritional value and shelf life are often lower, and the cost and quantity of unwanted packaging is higher. Semi-finished and ready-to-eat products should be excluded from the shopping list first. Purchase vegetables, fruits, and other foods with minimal pretreatment.

9. Toys

Children are used to receiving toys as gifts for birthdays and any holidays, but you should not buy them in large quantities at once. Very soon (weeks, if not days) the child will get bored and want something new. Try renting toys from specialized shops or trading them with other families for a while.

10. USB stick

What is a flash drive for? To store or transfer data. Is it possible to do it in a different way and not waste money? Of course. Send files by e-mail, store them in the cloud - the options are full, and it is even somehow embarrassing to use a USB flash drive in 2022.

11. All for detox

Let me tell you a secret: the body does not need help in getting rid of excess. He himself copes with it perfectly, because the liver and kidneys are given to us for a reason. Juice advertisements and herbal blends for detox, means for cleansing the intestines and other similar things - this is an attempt in the most brazen way to sell people what they do not need. The very idea of ​​detox is only a marketing invention, which does not have a clear explanation from a medical point of view.

12. Bread machine

Lots of people love fresh bread, especially homemade bread, so getting a bread maker seems like a worthy idea. But don't let yourself be fooled - excellent bread can be baked in a conventional oven. Moreover, many people prefer bread from the oven - they say it is softer and softer.

13. Fabric softener

One more thing you can do without. Air conditioning will replace ordinary baking soda. It is much cheaper, and underwear softens no worse.

14. GPS Navigator

If you do not wander in the wastelands outside the cellular coverage area, a separate navigation device is clearly not one of the basic necessities. Any smartphone with a GPS-module will cope with the determination of the location just as good.

15. Books

We buy an interesting book, read it once, and that's it. Then it gathers dust in the closet, goes to the shelf for bookcrossing, or even ends up among the waste paper. It is wiser to use the services of libraries or to purchase books in electronic format.

16. Dress clothes

It is unlikely that you need a tuxedo or an evening dress every day. For almost the whole year, these things will hang in the closet, reminding you of the amount that you had to pay for them. If you can rent formal and weekend clothes - take it.

17. Magazines

Racks with them are not just located right next to the cash registers - impulsive purchases do their job. Just imagine how much money you spend on what you read at best a couple of times. If you really buy a magazine on an ongoing basis, it’s better to get a one-year subscription to it. In terms of one number, the cost will be less.

18. Raffle Tickets

Everyone is well aware that the lottery is most often a waste of money, but the thought “What if!” does not give rest. The truth is that there is no such thing as "suddenly". Statistically, you are much more likely to face an angry shark, die from a candy bar machine, or become president than you are to hit the jackpot. The second name for lotteries is the "stupidity tax", and this is clearly not without reason.

19. CD and DVD

Yes, they are still being bought. Why is not entirely clear. There are many places on the net where you can find both movies and music in good quality. Subscribe to the corresponding service and save a good amount.

20. Children's shoes

Babies do not need shoes. Anyway, until they started walking. Earlier attempts to shod them end badly in the truest sense of the word. All these tiny shoes and boots look very cute, but zero sense to them.

21. Sandwich maker

Let's call everything by their names: a kitchen fixture that performs only one highly specialized task is useless garbage. Do not waste money on extra rubbish that will waste space in the kitchen.

22. Insurance of funds on bank cards

The possibility of theft by criminals of money from your account looks pretty scary, so the desire to further protect yourself is understandable. And yet, think before you give a decent amount for insurance. Banks are already vigilantly monitoring security. You can get all the information about the movement of funds at any time, and if necessary, quickly block the card so that the scammers are left with nothing.

23. Pizza accessories

Pizza needs ingredients, an oven, a baking sheet and a knife. Everything. Instead of the usual knife, you can buy a roller knife, but you should not spend money on bakeware, special scissors with a spatula, a pizza oven and other items of dubious need.

24. Cute bath stuff

When we want to cheer ourselves up or make a gift that will definitely come in handy for the addressee, the hand itself reaches for the shower gel, cream or body spray. So an idea, because these things tend to accumulate at an insane pace and litter all the free space in the bathroom. As a result, the shelf life of such funds often ends before we have time to use them.

25. Specialized Kitchen Tools

They can cause different reactions - from "Wow, what a useful thing" to "Hmmm, seriously?". All in all, you don't really need all those onion and garlic chopping and slicing tools for bananas, peaches, and avocados. With vegetables and fruits, the good old knife and fork will do just fine.

26. Shopping in applications

When you download like the free app, and then it turns out that to get access to some functions, you still have to pay, it infuriates. In the case of games, the obvious uselessness of such purchases is also annoying - when the game gets tired, what will you do with the acquired weapons and clothing for the character? Do not be fooled by the lure of developers - most paid applications and games have free analogues.

27. Disposable drinking straws

It would seem a cheap thing, but if you use such plastic tubes regularly, it can cost a pretty penny. In addition, it is worth being more humane to the environment and not multiplying the amount of garbage unnecessarily. It is better to buy a reusable stainless steel straw for each family member, in the end it will be much more profitable.

28. Heater for wet wipes

Manufacturers simply love to cash in on young parents by slipping them seemingly necessary things, without which, in practice, you can safely do without. The napkin warmer is a prime example of such junk. Napkins can be warmed in your hands, for this you do not need to spend a penny.

29. Extended warranty

In most cases, this service remains unclaimed. Warranty obligations imply free repair or replacement of goods in the event of a breakdown, but things break even after the extended warranty expires. In addition, repairs are often cheaper than purchasing such services.

30. Supernormal toasters

Today, toasters can toast bread, make scrambled eggs, hot dogs, and even imprint animals, soccer balls, butterflies, and Darth Vader's helmet on a piece of bread. A joke, as you know, seems funny only the first time. So these toasters are unlikely to please you for a long time.

31. Cable TV

It's time to cut the wires. If you have internet, then television is clearly not a must. In order not to miss your favorite TV shows, subscribe to one of the many video services.

32. Design breeds of cats and dogs

Do you want to get a pet of an unusual breed - a labradoodle or a toyger? Get ready to throw money away. The irresponsible approach to breeding animals, which many breeders sin, leads to the fact that dogs and cats are born with serious health problems. Some breeds are declared safe for allergy sufferers, but no one can give a XNUMX% guarantee, so it makes no sense to overpay for it. Millions of animals are waiting for their owners in shelters. Maybe you should shelter one of them, and not unfasten a round sum for a pedigree?

33. Musical instruments

Children and some adults quickly get excited about the idea of ​​learning to play some musical instrument, but then they quickly forget about this idea. The desire to learn a guitar, violin or other expensive instrument melts as you realize the need for regular classes and boring practice. Rent a tool and save your wallet from unnecessary expenses.

34. Fortified drinks

Water enriched with vitamins, minerals, flavors and sweeteners is not the best choice if you really care about your health. The benefits of such drinks are doubtful, because synthetic vitamins are not always able to replace those that we get from food. Plus, these liquids contain a large amount of sugar. Make better tasty water yourself - it will turn out no worse.

35. Invitation Cards

When it comes to a large-scale event (for example, a wedding), sending invitations to guests is a rather expensive undertaking. Although the guardians of etiquette and insist on the need to comply with this formality, many will disagree with them. Send invitations by email or create a group dedicated to the upcoming event in the social network that your guests use. So that everyone can adjust their plans, it should be done in advance - approximately 6 – 8 weeks before the celebration.

36. High octane gasoline

If the engine of your car is not designed for just such fuel, then why overpay? Use gasoline recommended by the manufacturer, so everything will be fine with the car.

37. Homemade Popcorn Maker

If you do not produce popcorn on an industrial scale, then you do not need a special device. Heat a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil in a saucepan, pour the grains there, cover with a lid and wait. It will be noisy but tasty.

38. Trinkets

Various souvenirs, memorable things - these are all useless dust collectors. Proponents of minimalism believe that in the process of ridding the interior of unnecessary details, such things are the first candidates for departure. So do not buy them either yourself or as a gift.

39. Diaper Drive

It seems that he heads the list of the most unnecessary children's things. A drive is not the cheapest thing, but there is no point in acquiring it. Putting the used diaper into the bag and discarding it is a task that does not require much mental and physical effort.

40. Deep fryer

The fashionable device with which you still torment. It is difficult to wash the fryer, it is burned with burned oil - in a word, you don’t have to spend money or a place in the kitchen for this thing. For frying and cooking in deep fat, a cast iron pan and refined oil will be enough.

41. Newspapers

Subscribing to them can be quite expensive, and in the digital age, it is a waste of money. To stay up to date with the news, you have internet and television. In extreme cases, you can subscribe to the electronic version of the publication, so it will definitely be cheaper.

42. Device for cooking baby food

Are you sure that to sterilize bottles and turn fruit into mashed potatoes you need a separate unit (by the way, rather expensive)? Our parents somehow managed without such a technique, so can we. If you have a blender, potato mash or at least a fork, the process of turning vegetables and fruits into a puree does not require other special tools. Bottles can be sterilized with steam.

43. Cookbooks

Recipe collections are a thing of the past. The network is full Cooking Resources. Here are recipes with step-by-step photos, practical tips and reviews from those who have already tried to cook it. On YouTube There are many culinary channels with which you can learn how to cook from scratch.

44. Fancy tools

A set of home wizard - a necessary thing, it is beyond doubt. But do not go to extremes and acquire too cool tools that will lie idle. When they are needed, rent them - surely there is a company in your city that provides power tools for rent.

45. Goods for pets

Here we are talking about excesses - toys, fun clothes for dogs, houses for cats and other things that please not so much the pets as their owners. Animals usually do not care what to have fun with, so that they are completely satisfied with home-made toys.