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Simply put in the machine: 7 things you don't have to wash by hand



Many people continue to manually wash a number of things that, as previously thought, can not stand the cleaning in the washing machine. However, modern production has made these things more sustainable, so they won’t be machine washed, writes

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Yoga mats

Yoga mats are multi-layered. Now for their manufacture using compounds that are particularly resistant to moisture and detergents.

Most modern, quality rugs can be cleaned in the washing machine. To do this, the mat should be put in a special bag. This will reduce the damage from mechanical impact on the item. After machine washing, the mat can be dried in the fresh air or on a coil.

Shopping bags for products

Plastic and fabric shopping bags should also not be washed in a bowl of soapy water. These items are well tolerated in delicate mode. It is recommended to place them in a cloth bag so that they do not catch on the protrusions in the drum and do not tear.

Only those string bags that do not have metal elements can be washed in this way. In this case, their risk of damage and the formation of corrosion in the future is high.

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Washcloths and shower curtains

Stop manually cleaning bath curtains and washcloths! These items are made from sufficiently strong synthetic materials, so they can be washed in a machine.

Such elements accumulate a lot of dirt, bacteria and molds. This causes an unpleasant odor. To eliminate dirt and odors, it is recommended to regularly clean in the washing machine.

Slippers and sports shoes

In slippers and sports shoes, the legs sweat a lot. This leads to excessive moistening of the inner part and creates the conditions for the propagation of pathogenic microflora. To prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, as well as the appearance of an unpleasant odor, it is recommended to wash the shoes in the machine at least 2 times a month.

It is advisable to put slippers and sports shoes in a soft bag before putting them in a drum. This approach will allow you to quickly clean the shoes from pollution of any complexity.

Pet beds

Most types of pet beds are made from a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers. This makes them resistant to mechanical damage and dirt of any type. And the beds are machine washable too.

However, they must first be thoroughly vacuumed to remove wool and dust from them. After that, they can be placed inside the drum and not be afraid that the separated dirt will clog the filter. Pre-bedding, as well as leashes and other pet care products should be placed in a pillowcase or canvas bag. This will prevent damage to these items.

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Silicone potholders from the kitchen

Silicone potholders designed for the kitchen also have a sufficient safety margin to withstand washing.

Place them in a canvas bag and add a small amount of detergent or dishwashing detergent to them. Then you should put the bag with tacks into the drum and start the gentle wash.

Keyboard keys

Cleaning your keyboard keys by hand is a very time-consuming and tedious process. However, it can be made much easier. To do this, remove all keys and place them in a tight canvas bag. Then you should place it in the drum of the washing machine and set the gentle mode.

It is not recommended to add too many aggressive cleaning agents, as this can lead to abrasion of the letters on the keys. After washing, the keys should be poured onto a clean towel to dry.

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