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Past life: who were the first wives of Tarzan and Kirkorov and how they live now


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Popular artists have already been married before, but they are reluctant to talk about those relationships. What is known about the first wives of Kirkorov and Tarzan - says the author of the blog "Retired Movie Star" on Yandex Zen.

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Many are interested in how the life of women with whom famous artists of Russia met, as well as the reasons why the relationship broke up.

The first love of Philip Kirkorov was Maria Shatlanova.

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Philip and Maria met at the Miss Moscow Region contest when the girl was only 17 years old. After meeting, Maria began to dance with Kirkorov in ballet, and subsequently starred in his videos. Initially, the relationship between young people was extremely creative, but soon Philip began to show sympathy for Mary, and then completely fell in love.

Although they were not officially scheduled, Kirkorov introduced the girl to all friends and acquaintances as his wife and said that she was his only muse and inspiration. However, the relationship of the lovers did not last long.

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Very soon Philip met Alla Pugacheva and they began an affair. It's no secret that the Prima Donna pushed everyone who approached the young singer out of the way. This fate befell Mary. Soon Kirkorov and Pugacheva decided to get married, and the girl left the stage forever.

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In search of herself, Maria started teaching yoga and made a good career in one of the popular Moscow fitness centers. Her life turned out well, Maria is married, she also has a daughter, whose father is a major businessman, owner of a restaurant chain Oleg Batskikh.

The first love of Sergei Glushko, known to us as Tarzan, was Elena Perevedentseva.

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Sergei and Elena met in the early 1990s, when Glushko served at the Plesetsk cosmodrome after graduating from the military space academy. Sergey followed in the footsteps of his military father, and as a lieutenant he met the young beauty Elena.

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Two years after they met, the lovers got married. However, the marriage did not last long - due to a lack of money and numerous difficulties caused by the crisis in the country, the relationship cracked.

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In 1995, the couple broke up, Sergei went to work in Moscow, and Elena, not wanting to go with him, remained in Plesetsk. Years later, Elena still looks great, she is married for the third time and has a beautiful daughter.

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As for Tarzan, he is married to singer Natasha Koroleva, and they have a son.

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