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Farewell, Russia: domestic celebrities who have moved abroad



Some Russian stars not only live in other countries, but also managed to get a new citizenship and learn a foreign language better than Russian. And many of them also love to criticize their homeland in social networks.


Anna Kournikova

Even the former tennis player's common-law husband is more often in Russia than herself: the Spaniard Enrique Iglesias is actively touring the world, including visiting Moscow, where Kournikova was born. Anna almost never leaves the United States, which became her motherland as a child, when her parents decided to emigrate. Especially after the end of a sports career in the middle of the 2000s, there were almost no reasons to appear on Russian soil - Anna worked in Miami as a model for some time, and now she is raising children.

Maria Sharapova

About the same story happened with Maria Sharapova, writes Her father issued American citizenship for her daughter back in 90, so that the girl had the right to study at the famous tennis academy of Nick Bollettieri. True, at first it was not just about training abroad - the beginning sports star was actively lured away to play for the US team, which caused great excitement among Russian fans of Sharapova. And considering that at that time Maria spoke not so confidently in Russian as in English (after all, communication with coaches from another country affected), many frankly accused the celebrity of the absence of patriotism.

Passions subsided when Masha began performing under the Russian flag at world tournaments and winning prizes for her country. Now the main place of deployment of celebrities is America (Sharapova’s home is in Florida), where she meets with friends, began to develop her candy brand Sugarpova and received education (in that same Harvard).


Alsou also moved in her youth - in London she studied at the university and at the same time engaged in musical activities. That is why many of her hits were recorded in English. And by the way, many in those days criticized the star for the fact that a successful career and life abroad was due to the father, the former vice-president of the Lukoil oil company.

In England, the singer's family lives - the husband Jan Abramov and three children (by the way, gave birth to Alsou in the USA, and then in Israel), but Alsou does not forget about its roots: periodically gives concerts and presents songs for the Russian audience, and a few years ago released album in the Tatar language.

Ilya Lagutenko

It is hard to believe in this, but the creator of the imperishable hit about Vladivostok-2000 no longer lives in their homeland. Together with his wife and children, he first lived in London, and now - on the west coast of the United States. The reason is contracts with world-wide recording studios and communication with foreign producers. Nevertheless, the musician still loves his homeland, often gives concerts and even jokes that fans see him more often than his wife.

Alexey Serebryakov

In 2012, the actor shocked the public by making a public statement about moving to Canada. He was shocked not so much by relocation as by reason — Serebryakov admitted that he was tired of the rudeness of the Russian people and the irresponsibility of the authorities (he cited the example of 2010 the year when the government did not evacuate residents from the central region of Russia smog-shrouded from fires). Despite the fact that the words of the artist were met with disapproval by many (including domestic artists), Alexey continues to act in films in Russia.

Natalia Vetlitskaya

The musical legend 90-x moved to the city of Dénia (this is the Spanish Valencia) back in the year 2004. There she lives for her own pleasure: she practices yoga, spends time with her fourth spouse Alexey (he, by the way, is a yoga trainer, so he hoisted her favorite activity) and her daughter Ulyana. One can say that life in Europe has streamlined Vetlitskaya's life: if earlier she was the heroine of the gossip, who constantly changed her husbands and boyfriends and bathed in the rays of glory, now she feels calm away from social fuss and dizzy novels.

By the way, Natalia is also among those immigrants who criticize Russia. So, having arrived three years ago in the capital, the singer was unhappy with the way of life, which, according to her, became even worse than before.

“In ordinary areas and state institutions, devastation and poverty, like 30 years ago, has not changed. And this is in Moscow, and not in any province. The rest is even scary to think about. And every step at the most everyday level costs some incredible money, ”says Natalia.

Natalia Andreichenko

About today's life of the star of the film “Mary Poppins, Goodbye!” Is also little known, but she does not live in Russia. She moved back to 80 when she met Austrian actor Maximilian Schell, whom she later married. With her husband, Natalia lived in Europe and America. When they divorced at the beginning of the 2000s, the actress temporarily arrived at her homeland, but then, according to media reports, went to Australia. There she practices yoga and practices raw foods.

Valery Leontiev

A few years ago materials appeared in the yellow press that the popular singer had gone to live in Miami, and even had no plans to return to Russia. Leontyev denied all the rumors, but nonetheless said that he spent several months a year in his Florida mansion - his wife Lyudmila, who has American citizenship, lives there.

Lena Katina

In 2009, the former soloist of the band “Tatu” moved to Los Angeles and literally opened a new page in her life. Successfully engaged in solo activities, married a Slovenian musician Sasho Kuzmanovich and gave birth to a son. The star of Moscow does not forget about its native Moscow and comes to perform at concerts and collaborate with domestic celebrities.

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