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The Curse of the 'Beautiful Nanny': an American who played the same role as Zavorotnyuk fought cancer



Fran Drescher, who starred in The Nanny, was able to defeat the disease.

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They have been talking about the rock that haunts the actors of the sitcom My Fair Nanny for a long time. First, a terrible disease took Jeanne Friske, who auditioned for the main role, then Lyubov Polishchuk died of cancer, now the whole country is watching the fate of the “nanny Vika” - Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Judging by media reports, she is fighting brain cancer, however, the news about the state of the actress is the most controversial, writes

But it turns out that the curse extends not only to Russian actors.

The heroes of the “Nanny” television hit that went from America to 1993 to 1999 in the years (the Russian “My Fair Nanny” became an adaptation. - Ed.) Also faced serious problems.

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The main role in the overseas hit was played by actress Francine Drescher - she personally invented the whole story from beginning to end, and then brilliantly played herself.

“Of course,“ Nanny ”is the best thing that has happened to me!” The American actress admitted after the successful series.

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For her role, she received two Emmy Awards and was awarded two Golden Globe nominations. But the dizziness from success did not last long. Immediately after the end of the series, in June 2000, the ever-busy actress had to stop abruptly, the website reports.

In 42, doctors diagnosed her with uterine cancer. Life flew downhill.

Frances Drescher admitted that she did not know how to live on.

“I had everything: a wonderful house, wonderful friends and a husband, with whom we created“ Nanny ”together ... And suddenly - the verdict of the doctors,” said the actress.

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For two years she struggled with a terrible disease and was able to defeat her. And it was possible to cope with oncology thanks to medicinal Chinese herbs.

“I drank infusions for two years, and my body was cleansed. So I defeated the most dangerous disease and I want to tell everyone about it. Strength lies within us, and this is the best medicine, ”Francis Drescher admits.

Photo: video frame YouTube / Eric Sangster

The actress accepted the healing as a gift of fate and decided that now she should help everyone who suffers from oncology. She spares no money and helps people around the world.

After a miraculous healing, Drescher set up a foundation to support women suffering from cancer. The main goal of the organization is to provide early diagnosis of the disease, for which the actress and philanthropists do not spare money. The 61-year-old Drescher still carries her program around the world, traveling around the world as ambassador for women's health.

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