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Products that are not necessary and even dangerous to wash before use.


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Before cooking it is necessary to wash the products. So absolutely any hostess thinks. But with this axiom you can argue. Researchers say some nuances.

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On the counter of any store you can see that fruits and vegetables lure buyers with their appearance. Previously, they are not just washed, but also disinfected by certain means, for the implementation of two goals that are interrelated with each other, writes Delfi Decor.

The first is to prevent the reproduction of any bacteria that may contribute to spoilage. Second, these are actions to maintain the appearance of the product.

Before use is important wash vegetables or fruit. However, you should not do this before storing them. During washing, the protective layer is removed from the surface, so there is a risk of new bacteria, for example, from the sink in the kitchen. After reproduction, they will turn vegetables and fruits into inedible in a matter of time.

Before meals necessary wash berries. But before use, you need to shift them in the fridge for an hour. After that in a colander under a stream of cold water. A berry that is chilled will not crumble at the time of washing.

Impenetrable packaging, where is the greens or salads, you can not wash even before use. As you know, before the packaging process, the herbs are not just washed, but also disinfected, to eliminate rotten sources.

Bacteria that are in the meat, it is difficult to wash off. In the process of washing the meat, the spray falls within the entire kitchen. Microbes in meat cannot be washed with running water. You can get rid of them only with the help of high temperature. If it were possible to look at the microbes with an armed eye, one could find them in the kitchen in all places: dishes, sinks, even vegetables and fruits prepared for salad. After that, the bacteria will not leave the vegetable and fruit products. This situation is dangerous for women in the situation, the elderly, children.

As a consequence, it is desirable to move the meat immediately to the water for cooking, or to the oven for further roasting. It is very important to get rid of the packing box in time and immediately throw it into the trash can, after putting it in a plastic bag.

On the subject: Why raw chicken can not be washed

As scientists advise, if you still begin to wash the meat in hot water, it is worth remembering that its taste will change completely. After cooking, it will not be piquant and toasty.

Chicken meat often contains microbesknown as salmonella bacteria. Bowel disorders, dehydration, poisoning are obvious signs of this ailment. It is able to manifest itself within 12-72 hours.

Eggs are also washed optional. In the store they are sold already processed from any germs. After washing the eggs, the layer of protection is washed off, the bacteria have a chance to get into the human body. As the researchers point out, eggs can be washed before use at a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius.

Required need to wash the mushrooms. But they do not always require soaking. According to cooks, mushrooms should not be consumed after soaking, as they completely lose their taste.

This is surprising, but some believe that it is necessary to rinse before cooking. pasta. Thus, pasta is cleared of starch, and as a result something turns out, reminding porridge.

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