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Sellers of cosmetics undressed for the sake of advertising goods without packaging


Source: Neatst

Company staff Lush Cosmetics undressed in order to draw attention to environmental issues. The company's management insists that such an action took place voluntarily and did not force anyone to strip or participate in photography, writes Heatst.

Company Lush Cosmetics asked her staff to strip naked to indicate environmental problems associated with excessive use of packaging goods. This is despite the fact that in the past, such actions ended in charges of sexual harassment.
Around 100, employees across the country went to work wearing only sneakers and black work aprons labeled Get naked (Get undressed).

About it Lush Cosmetics reported in my account Instagram.

“35% of our products are completely naked, exactly like some of our employees today,” reads the post.

Thus, the company tried to draw the attention of buyers to the environmental damage caused by the discarded packaging. She hopes that people who care about this problem will prefer products sold without packaging. Lush Cosmetics.

This event is not the first time. The representative Lush, Jennifer Grable reports that the event was completely voluntary, and those who did not want to participate in it were not in danger.

"Any employee who felt uncomfortable, could at any time refuse to participate in the action."

In addition, the network leaders warned that if any unrest had started, they would have curtailed the whole action, but this year the Nudity Day passed without incident.
One of the employees was very worried that the video can be put on YouTube.
However, this year the action Get naked was pretty moderate at least by standards Lush. In 2011, one of the employees hung her body on giant hooks to protest shark fishing.

And in 2012, the company hired a special artist who was put to the test right in the storefront. Moreover, the tests were pretty tough - the test subject was pulled by the hair, the rope was hung around the neck, shaved and injected solutions.

Lush uses such actions quite deliberately, as they attract the attention of people. And although they do it with good intentions, their actions really border on sexual harassment.

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