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About a castle in the sand: how silly hopes and naive beliefs spoil our lives

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


It is foolish, of course, to hope that everything will work out. That's it - it won't work, but maybe it shouldn't. It will be boring if everything works out. Everyone will get thin and fat.

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It is foolish to believe in the monogamy of a person who is polygamous by nature (you can argue with this, with nature, that is, which many do, although there is little sense). It is equally unreasonable to build long-term plans based on the wrong premises, hoping that for some reason twice two will turn into five, as you really want to. Or that a castle built on sand will not be washed away by the coming tide just because it turned out to be very beautiful ...

It is foolish to live thinking that everyone is equal when they are not. All are NOT equal and have never been. Someone runs faster, someone thinks faster. These are workers, those are lazy. This one can lift a five-hundred-kilogram barbell, and the other one can mold a figure and place it inside a human hair, having previously drilled a hole in it ... This has always been the case in nature. She slowly removed the slow and lazy and replaced them with fast, quick-witted and hardy ones. And, probably, with people, up to a certain point, it was the same. But then the man himself intervened and decided that he knew better about natural selection and would select it himself. By reason. In fairness. What came out of this can be seen with the naked eye.

It is foolish to think that words can convey feelings and sensations. We have made attempts, of course, for a long time. But, I'm not sure they succeeded along this path. We have invented words such as love, fear, hate, excitement, suffering, shame, and a hundred others in an effort to meet this challenge. But they hardly approached its solution, if only because feelings are born in the body, and thoughts are constructed by the head. And although they live together, they are not interchangeable. Moreover, they are always at war with each other, trying to understand and prove that we are better. And who are we? Body? Head? Both together? Who decides? Body? Head? Brain? We? Who are we? Whose consciousness? Where does the subconscious come from? From under what? Can not understand anything. Neither mind nor body ...

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It is foolish to hope that tomorrow we will live in peace. Not yet, although hope has not disappeared anywhere. Underwater currents will rush in, then vice versa. Something ripens, then bursts like a boil, spraying everyone close by. Confusion in the minds. We are looking for solutions to complex problems. We still do not understand how to explain the inexplicable, reconcile the irreconcilable and divide what does not belong to us.

It is foolish to believe that someone should take care of you. Mom and Dad - yes. Grandma and grandpa, maybe. Friends, relatives and acquaintances are unlikely, but not excluded in some situations. And nobody else. Itself-itself-itself.

I woke up, washed myself and ran to take care of myself, as there was no one else. And the sooner you understand this, the better.

It is foolish to think that you can make up for anything. Gone is gone and cannot be returned. And it will be so until the time machine is invented, which is not excluded in some distant future. But today it is not there and you need to try to do what you can, in every passing moment, proceeding from the fact that you do not have and cannot have another moment.

It is foolish to hope that economic success equals happiness. Although no one in their right mind and sober memory will deny that it is better to be financially independent than vice versa.

It is foolish to think that someone other than you knows and understands where your hurts are, why you are scared, sick, bored, sad, itching and in general your soul is out of place. This is not true. Your experiences are unique to you, and trying to convey them in words is as pointless as trying to count the atoms in the universe.

It is foolish to rely on common sense. It never existed, and it does not exist today. I will not say about the future, but I do not cherish any special hopes. Everyone lives in their own shell and sees the world in their own way. An attempt to bring people to a common denominator is met with fierce resistance from the masses, is proceeding with a creak, and to this day almost no one has succeeded. Yes, in some countries there is order, and people are afraid to show off. And not because it is right, but rather because everyone does this and it is not accepted otherwise. And to violators - a mop on the head, or something worse. So they play a disciplined herd for sausage, internet and tape recorder. And give them freedom of expression, they would smash their wonderful country to pieces. Apparently, that's why they don't give it. Apparently - and rightly so that they do not give.

It is foolish to compare everything. People, way of thinking, talents, achievements, wives, children, houses, cars, happiness, unhappiness, professions. Yes, everything that the eye sees, and even that which does not see. It is incomparable. That which is sacred and important for some, life, for example, for others is nothing more than the ravings of a gray mare. It is a trifle for them to cut off the head of someone who seems to be an enemy or just a geek who does not share your beliefs. It is even pleasant, especially since there is a reward, and a considerable one, for catching and cutting off the “wrong” ones.

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It is foolish to think that you can eliminate stupidity. You can destroy people, and everyone, but stupidity - never. Well, or at least not in any understandable way in the near and foreseeable future. And if we proceed from this ... moreover, if we understand that the vast majority of erectus are from this group, not the smartest ones, then life will become easier and there will be fewer mistakes. And after all, it is they, mistakes (or what we take for mistakes) that upset us.

So let's take a sober look at things and not see white where there is black, felt boots - where there is a snow-removing truck, and brains - where they were not given out, since the warehouse ran out. No more brains were delivered today, and that's it. Maybe they'll give you another ride. Although I wouldn't really hope for it ...

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