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"I had to live by its impracticable rules": the story of seven men Lyudmila Gurchenko



Lyudmila Markovna remained a target for the paparazzi until her last days.

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It is still not known exactly how many times Lyudmila Gurchenko was officially married. And why didn't the actress design some of her novels? Indeed, in Soviet times, one could easily run into public censure for immoral behavior, just living with a man in a civil marriage, writes

The last husband, Sergei Senin, said that he had to live according to the rules that Gurchenko set. And these were such rules that it was almost impossible to fulfill.

But it was already after. And Gurchenko’s ascent began in the distant 1953 year, when she only realized that her only vocation was cinema. Then, looking closely at how filmmaking works, she realized that every director has a favorite: they shoot her, she is promoted, she is always in the first roles. And no matter who to start with, the main thing is to move forward and be noticed.

Husband number one: Vasily Orda

The role of the “mover” was perfectly approached by director Vasily Orda. Young but promising, he was an excellent candidate for fulfilling Lucy's ambitions. Having quickly relegated the director to the crown, Lucy moved to his Moscow apartment and waited for the main roles.

The first artistic council, to which Ordynsky put the young wife as a candidate for the main role, rejected her. And the Horde could not do anything about it. Lucy threw a scandal, packed up and moved back to the hostel near Moscow. Soon she filed for divorce, and then nowhere and never spoke of this marriage, as if he had never been.

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Husband number two: Boris Andronikashvili

After the divorce from Ordynsky, Lucy wasted no time. The provincial from Kharkov snipped off a tidbit, which a good half of the female students dreamed of. The intellectual and intellectual, the son of the writer and the Georgian princess, handsome with a burning gaze could not resist the charms of Gurchenko, for whom there were no obstacles when she intended to achieve something.

Their marriage was cloudless and happy. But after Lucy got the first lead role in the movie “Carnival Night”, everything changed: Lucy woke up famous. The song "Five Minutes" became the anthem of the New Year holidays, Lucy began to learn on the streets.

But Boris was jealous of his wife to fame. At home, the trouble began and Lucy, in an attempt to save the family, decided to take a serious step: you had to give birth to a baby! Lucy understood that, having fallen out of the cinematic party now, when she is at the peak, both the directors and the public can forget about her, which means that you can put a cross on your career. But the desire to be with his beloved man outweighed, and Gurchenko became pregnant.

To give birth Lyudmila went to her parents in Kharkov. And already there began to come to her bad news from girlfriends about the intrigues of her husband. Lyudmila's daughter was 4 of the month when Gurchenko could not stand it and returned to Moscow, leaving the baby in the care of her parents.

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Less than two years from the date of marriage, when Lyudmila filed for divorce. The newly born dad refused from his daughter in cold blood, saying that once a daughter would grow up without him, then it would be no longer his daughter. Andronikashvili didn’t suffer for a long time; Nonna Mordyukova immediately surrounded him - you won’t get far.

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With 1958, a long period without roles began. When Lyudmila starred in the film “Girl with a Guitar” she was summoned to the office of one of the KGB chiefs and made an offer that could not be refused: it was necessary to “knock” on everyone who had to face in the movie hallways. Lucy refused. She was promised that they would erase it into powder. And erased.

If, after Carnival Night, Gurchenko woke up as a star, then literally a couple of years later she woke up in a country that despises her. After a series of devastating articles in the central press, the actress threw stones at her back. Only father believed that he was still ahead.

For whole 10 years, Lyudmila played in the crowd scene. She seemed not to notice. She played in the theater, but in the second composition, which means that she practically did not see the stage. Then they began to talk for the first time that Lucy was drinking too much. But she herself said that drinking was not her. Unlike a career, personal life raged. For the period of its neglect, the actress changed three husbands

Male Number Three: Alexander Fadeev

The frequenter of the theater restaurant, the spoiled and capricious son of the famous writer Alexander Fadeev. Lucy fell in love immediately. Only happiness did not last long. It is impossible to build a love nest when a husband wanders all the money, drinks and arranges Otella passions every time, as soon as someone looks wrong at his Lucy.

It got to the point that an enraged husband launched a chair for his wife, as soon as Lyudmila smiled at the restaurant as a waiter. Lucy suffered and humiliated herself until a drunk jealous man shot her at home with a gun. At this point, it finally came to her that life was one, and her husband could be changed more than once.

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Male Number Four: Artist Boris Diodorov

Remembering him, Gurchenko said: “When one drowned, the other saves. Then he drowns. ” And the artist himself bitterly said that he could not endure the character of Lucy, who wanted everything to be under her sharp heels. Constantly engaged in their own business, both talented spouses slowly cooled to each other. Without losing time, Lucy looked around in search of a strong male shoulder.

Male Number Five: Joseph Kobzon

In 1966, the Moscow theater was buzzing: Iosif Kobzon is leading Lyudmila Gurchenko’s daughter in the first class! After Kobzon and Gurchenko were forbidden to live in one hotel room, Kobzon made an offer to Luce. Kobzon liked beautifully to care for a beautiful woman. He admired himself, being surrounded by beauty.

The marriage lasted only three years, and no matter how much Lyudmila Markovna asked, she never told anyone about what was happening behind the closed door with Kobzon at home. And always sharply besieged journalists who tried to figure out what caused the rupture of a star couple. The researchers of the life of Gurchenko and her biographers suggest that the ambitions of both partners and the wild jealousy of Kobzon, who wanted to see Lucy as a housewife, led to a divorce. But ... Gurchenko and borsch? ...

On the threshold of his thirty-five years, Gurchenko once again found herself at the broken trough. There were no major roles, the beloved father died, personal life collapsed again. Lucy was so disappointed with life that she tried to commit suicide.

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Male Number Six: Konstantin Cooperways

Konstantin was 23, when he met Lyudmila. She was already 38. He just returned from the army and organized a big jazz concert. Gurchenko approached him between rehearsals in order to give the reel of records - so they met. The guy did not dare to dream that a star of this magnitude would fall into his hands. But, oddly enough, Lucy, all her life to the rich and famous, suddenly drew attention to an unknown pianist.

Somehow he accompanied her home and Lucy asked: “Do you want to come in for an evening drink of coffee?” And Constantine came in. On 20 years. Kostya wore Luce breakfast in bed, fried her potatoes at night, wore her in his arms in the literal sense of the word. But Lucy repeatedly confronted him with a choice: his business or her whim. At first he chose her, even canceled Roxana Babayan's concerts, with whom he worked as an accompanist at that time. But once Roxana fired him from Rosconcert. Lucy in exchange for a luxurious life under her wing demanded complete obedience from Konstantin and refusal from a career.

When Konstantin left Lyudmila, she turned 55 years old. The husband, leaving, informed her that he was leaving for another woman. She turned out to be a saleswoman, with whom Kostya has been rocking the novel for several years. Moreover, in this second family he managed to become a father.

Then Gurchenko promised herself that she would never again connect her life with any man. But it took only two years and the actress met a man who was faithful to her to the end and remained faithful even after her death.

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Husband number seven: Sergey Senin

In 1992, they met on the set. Gurchenko has already turned 56, Sergey was just 30. He presented Luce with flowers, she thanked him, but coldly: she did not like the man. Senin has long been just a silent fan. Accompanied Lucy to the house, gave flowers and left with nothing. Sergey went on tour with Lucy, saw off, met, courted, practically became her shadow, and in the end, Lucy gave up.

They began to live together. She called him "Daddy", he her "Docha". Until the end of her life, they slept in the same bed and she had nothing to hide from him.

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A misfortune happened: from an overdose in 16 for years, the only one Gurchenko really loved was her grandson Mark. After that, she stopped paying attention to anyone else and focused entirely on work.

No matter how many husbands Lyudmila Gurchenko has, no matter how many lovers and fans, her heart was faithful to only one: her audience.

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