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Habits of American women who can make your life better


Here last week in the local group on FB there was an interesting topic about daily good habits. I was not lazy and read all the comments in order to find out what the people thought about this topic, well, and under the best of circumstances, take a note of myself.

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I share with you those habits that seemed to me worthy and really able to change something in life:

• TV restrictions and computer time;

• Go to bed early;

• Refuel when a third of the tank is left;

• Before agreeing to something, ask yourself - do I really need it?

• “Exchange” 1 cup of coffee for 1 bottle of water (helps to start drinking more water);

• Answer assholes on emails the next day;

• Wake up one hour ahead of everyone;

• Do not read work mail at home.

Agree, decent habits - and if you don't have them yet, take them to your health!

I also want to share with you a couple of my habits that facilitate my life.

1. Get out of the way

I learned this back in the distant 2010, when I became acquainted with the system Fly lady... Since childhood, I hate the phrase “general cleaning” and I don’t understand how it is possible to spend half of the long-awaited day off cleaning on my own free will?

Therefore, I clean up in passing. I brushed my teeth, washed the sink. I went to pee, pissed on the toilet bowl, scrubbed it with a brush, and it was ready. Do you like to wash the stove? Yeah, find such a fool. ))) But it turned out that this is business for a minute, if you do it every day. It's like this in our family - Ruslan fried a delicious dinner in the evening, I washed the stove in the morning. As a rule, I do this after breakfast. First, I walk through with a sponge for washing dishes, and then remove all the foam with a rag. The time takes 1 minute 12 seconds. Total! Yes, I noticed in order to understand the labor costs and not excuse myself in front of myself that I do not have time for this. And now it is always purity-beauty.

2. Putting things in place

Oooh, one more phrase that has drunk from childhood. Well, who did not say this? I'm sure there will not be a single living soul in the world.

But as an adult, I understood why such a simple rule was so difficult to follow. Each thing should not just have its own place, it should be a convenient and logical place for yourself. That is, the storage system of everything should be so awesome that it was not difficult to maintain it and maintain order accordingly.

Long searches and attempts, but I still managed to organize the most convenient storage system and things, and documents, and receipts, and jewelry. As a result, with a minimum amount of things, there is always something to wear, and rent receipts do not roll around the house.

3. Record everything, even little things

There is nothing to comment on. Notes and reminders greatly facilitate the brain and life in general. Signed up to the doctor, drove into the calendar. A brilliant idea came, wrote down thesis or just the main topic. Now, taking into account the functionality of the phones, such records are synchronized even with an iron, which allows you to think more about the beautiful and not miss meetings with the doctors.

4. Hugging husband

Oh, this habit, unfortunately, has changed with the birth of children, but thanks to this post, I realized what was happening, and I would work on her recovery.

And it was all chocolate. Every morning and evening, saying goodbye or meeting, we always hugged and kissed. That is, it was not just a peck on the cheek and left, it embraced so that the feeling of your favorite hands on your back and the tenderness of the lips on your cheek you carry with you throughout the day. And this, I tell you, is such a cool habit and such a cool feeling that you just have to try it, it’s impossible not to do it later!

5. Do not clutter up the desktop on a laptop; Immediately sort all files into their respective folders.

For me, a desktop littered with files and folders is like an unmade bed, it immediately seems that the apartment is a hell of a mess. And one has only to make the bed (not to litter), a completely different feeling.

So I came up with the following scenario. I created a folder on my desktop with the original name “Maya” and put everything there. Inside this folder there are a dozen more folders with different names for the convenience of storing documents.

The same principle with the photo archive. I often hear from friends, especially those who take a lot of pictures, that they have a mess in their photo archives. I understand, but until you sort it out once and come up with a convenient storage system, it will be so. Therefore, on my laptop desktop I have another daddy with another original name “Picture".

The storage system is outrageously simple: all photos are distributed over the years. That is, you open the folder “Picture”- and you see folders with numbers 2008, 2009, 2010 and so on. Inside these folders there are still a hundred thousand folders, but already from specific events. For example, 2016.09.17 "Childbirth". It is immediately clear what kind of photos are in this folder and that the faint of heart is better not to open.

And, of course, it's better to rewrite the photos right away - and then it's easier to sort them. Moreover, “rewriting” does not mean immediately and disassemble them, because there is not always time for both classes at once. What is the most convenient way to eat an elephant? That's right, piece by piece. Therefore, we came from a trip to the ocean, copied the pictures. Tomorrow sat down to drink tea with cookies, sorted out the pictures. The day after tomorrow - there is 15 minutes between dinner and shower, once again disassembled and began to process. You look, a couple more approaches - and there will be something to print.

5.1 Reset photo from phone

Actually, the principle is the same as with the photos on the camera. I do a lot of photos on the phone, and now with the birth of children, I also began to shoot a lot of videos. But for all the years of owning an iPhone, the place for a photo ended with me only once, and this despite the fact that I have a minimum amount of memory. It's just that I regularly rewrite everything and spread it out on daddies. And there is always a lot of free space on the phone, no photos are lost, and breathe freely.

Of course, I have other habits, for example, I brush my teeth every day. I try to go online for the last time an hour before bedtime. And in general, if possible, I go to bed early, because sleep is health. I also always do manicure and pedicure, combining with other things to be as effective as possible.

Original article published in personal blog Maya Buriakina and reprinted with permission of the author.

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