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Hey bad taste: dress combinations that spoil the whole look


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Consider these "dangerous" combinations in clothes, which can completely ruin the impression of the image, writes Woman hit.

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Many people, choosing a fashionable look, trust exclusively their own taste, not listening to trends, which often turns into a grandiose fashion failure. Today we decided to collect our own top stylish mistakes that are so common that you already stop counting. You are ready?

Uneven distribution of "weight"

You probably were surprised to pass by girls in robes (and short ones), whose duet was made up of super short ankle boots. In an effort to hide excess volumes with loose-fitting clothes, many forget about the image as a whole - it is important to choose shoes as carefully as all other elements of the "bow". Instead of ankle boots, you should still pay attention to sneakers or pumps, which certainly will not "cut" your image.

Color and material problem

Thirty years ago, many women were sure: you don't know what to wear, choose black pumps. It would seem that strict dark shoes should balance any image, but no. Black shoes as an element of a graceful image are possible only in some cases, while it is necessary to carefully choose the material, which is most often dense. But there is nothing worse than putting on dark pumps under a light summer dress. You will instantly reload the image. If your choice fell on a light dress, choose sandals with thin straps or light sneakers to match the upper part of the look.

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"Narrow" image

In the early XNUMXs, tight tops and short skirts of the same style were a real hit, with stars from Britney to J.Lo competing for a shorter, more provocative top. Today, such an image causes nothing but bewilderment. In addition to attracting a lot of unnecessary attention, tight-fitting clothes highlight all flaws, even ones you didn't know existed. If you really like the top too much or this stunning tight-fitting skirt, no one will forbid you to buy this option in your wardrobe, but it is better to mix a tight-fitting thing with a voluminous top or clothing in straight silhouettes, such as jackets and jackets.

Bulky bag as an accent

Of course, everything from a wallet to a miniature pet can be carried in a huge bag, and yet the baggy bag has been out of trend for several seasons. The only option where a voluminous thing will be in place is the beach. In other cases, especially when it comes to a business image, a baggy bag is not the best addition, for example, to classic trousers and a jacket with a blouse.

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