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We buy a wardrobe for the first job or "fast fashion"


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So, your resume is perfect, diplomas are shown, professionals are ready to cooperate with you, papers are signed, and you expect the first working day. Is it ready your wardrobe to start and successful career growth? Is the uniform style sustained? The term "fast fashion" came to us from distant 80's. The essence of the trend is that you quickly and for a low price fill your wardrobe with the latest fashionable novelties, skillfully combine purchases with existing things. So you can save money, look relevant, comfortable and neat.

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Buy the best to spend less. This is not the case when you should invest a large amount of money in a designer thing. At the first stage of the career ladder money you still need money for other things. Also, do not become attached to the latest fashion trends in the best traditions of Milan Fashion Week shows. Stylists are advised to start with the basic basics, when you can wear a piece of clothing to work at different times of the year. And here is the key word "to work." Because if you go to yoga or fitness in the same clothes, it means that it already goes beyond the office wardrobe. That is, you can safely delete leggings, Vietnamese, sportswear. Pay attention to the combination of colors and prints. You should be a person in a team, not a black sheep.

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When buying a coat, purchase a special cleaning brush for it. Buying a pair of shoes, take care immediately about the water-repellent spray. These little things will help you look fresh and neat every day. Pay attention to democratic brands - this Everlane, COS, H & M, Bonobos. Such clothing will withstand numerous washing or dry cleaning, has a comfortable fit and a comfortable fit on the body. Between buying two quality items and four disposables, try to stop at the first choice.

It is impractical to contact the studio to reshape for you an original, but very large jacket. But it makes sense to modify the details, which are primarily paid attention to by others. For example, shorten trouser legs or jacket sleeves, change buttons or add a lining. This gives your appearance a chill and neatness. Do not confuse office wardrobe with publications in Instagram. You do not have to constantly show new items at work. Wearing the same quality, suitable for you, the dress several times a week is completely normal.

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