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Prince George is forbidden to have best friends.


Source: SF Gate

Members of the royal family rarely indicate what they should and should not do. However, in his very first days at school, four-year-old Prince George had already encountered the condition: no best friends, writes SF Gate.


Thomas's BatterseaThe school that George attends prohibits children from having best friends. Instead, teachers encourage all students to communicate equally positively with each other in order to avoid exceptions among those who have no best friend.

Jane Moore, a mom whose child attends this school, recently appeared on a British talk show. Loose Women and explained how it works: “There is a school policy: if your child is having a party, you don’t give out invitations to the class unless you’re ready to call the whole class.”

The tendency to ban best friends has been developing for several years now and has spread far beyond the borders of European educational institutions. Some American schools already use such a rule so that none of the children will be left without the attention of their peers. According to many psychologists, all this is not so bad - children adapt better to life in society when they have large groups of friends, and avoid negative feelings associated with loneliness in a crowd. American teachers say that the absence of best friends helps a person to be generally less picky in choosing a friend and to communicate better.

Critics, on the contrary, believe that this approach deprives the child of the opportunity to form valuable personal skills by overcoming negative experiences and soft social alienation - all this will be useful to them in adulthood.

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