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Prince George 4 of the year: interesting facts about the heir to the British throne


Source: Harper's bazaar

The favorite of the public and the heir to the British throne is 4. In honor of the fourth birthday, son Kate Middleton and Prince William updated the official photo, as reported on the official pages The Royal Family in social networks Facebook и Instagram. Photo by Chris Jackson.

In honor of the birthday, we together with Harper's bazaar collected interesting facts about the young prince.

1. Prince George loves aircraft technology and dreams of becoming a pilot. As soon as the boy is near any aircraft, he will always ask to sit at the helm in order to at least somehow quench his passion for airplanes.

Prince William is sure that when his son grows up, he will learn to fly all kinds of airplanes and helicopters.

2. The prince is always wearing shorts. Since traditions aristocratic families of Britain only adult men wear trousers. And it seems Prince George likes it.

3. George does not greet all politicians alike. When Barack Obama and his wife Michelle visited 2016 on an official visit in Kensington Palace on an official visit, Prince George greeted them with his hand, dressed in a snow-white bathrobe.

But a little later, in September of the same year, during his official visit to Canada, George ignored Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. And although Trudeau, especially for the greeting, dropped to one knee, the prince refused to greet him.

4. Prince - naughty. On wedding his aunt Pippa Middleton, George conceived an insidious plan to step on the train of the bride's wedding dress, just as his younger sister Charlotte had done before. But Kate Middleton managed to stop this idea and save her sister's dress.

5. George - an icon of children's style clothes. Any clothes, accessories or shoes in which the prince appears on walks or photos - immediately become popular and popular. After George went for a walk in Cross rubber slippers, sales of this brand grew by 1500%.

6. In September, George will move to London, where he will study at school. Thomas's Battersea. One semester at this school costs $ 8 000. In addition, George will appear in the fall. governesswhich speaks 6 languages ​​and will teach the young prince rules of etiquette. The annual salary of this miracle nanny 317 thousand dollars.

Until recently, the prince went to the Norfolk State Garden. Besides the fact that the kindergarten worked on the Montessori system, they made a significant emphasis on the independence and social development of the child. One day in such a kindergarten cost the parents a 42 dollar.

7. Prince George is not the first in line for the British throne, but the third. This is the second time in the history of the country when the great-grandson of the current monarch becomes the third direct candidate for the throne.

8. Prince George of Cambridge was one of the first people in history, articles about which in several language sections Wikipedia appeared before his birth.

9. Prince George has seven godparents. Prince George's godparents became: Oliver Baker, Emilia Jardin-Paterson, Julia Samuel, William von Kutsm, and also Lord Hugh Grosvenor (son of 6-th Duke of Westminster), former personal secretary of the couple Jamie Lauter-Pinkerton, and the queen of the queen; The names of the godparents were announced a few hours before the ceremony.

10. The full name of the prince is George Alexander Louis. He received the name George in honor of King George VI - the father of his great-grandmother Elizabeth II, Alexander - in honor of the second name of Elizabeth II (her full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Maria), Louis (Louis) - in honor of Louis Mountbatten - the military leader, uncle of Prince Philip. The name Louis is also the fourth name of his father, the Duke of Cambridge.

11. By the bicentenary of Prince Jamie Oliver dedicated cookies to him Royal georgie. His signature trait is the sourness of apricot jam.

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