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Principles of Kate Middleton's life, which should learn


Source: Rambler

Yesterday Kate Middleton turned 37 years. Of these, seven she is the wife of Prince William. And she is a mother of three children and the most "stylish British". We remembered the main rules of Middleton in marriage.

As soon as they do not call Kate British journalists. And “super-dumen”, and “Cinderella of the XXI century”, and “ideal woman”. And by the number of mentions in the gloss Kate will give odds to such world celebrities as Madonna and Lady Gaga, writes Rambler.

And how the duchess manages to keep her husband's eyes in love all these years is more like some kind of magic. However, everything is easier! Kate has just developed a few habits that help her maintain a perfect marriage.

1. In any quarrel think good

“There are good times, there are bad times - both for you personally and in a relationship with a loved one. Think good things even in your worst moments. This is how you attract what you want. And if it doesn’t work out, treat the bad as something that makes you stronger and helps you to know yourself, ”Kate answered to a question from reporters on Thanksgiving Day.

2. Do not look at her husband "dog eyes"

Even being in the status of the wife of a prince, Kate manages to tease her lover.

“In my youth, I had a portrait of a guy from Levi's on my wall, and not a picture of William, sorry,” she once laughed. And at the livestock fair in Sydney, the duchess even laughed at the bald head of the faithful.

When the farmer Lyn Cregan showed the royal couple a piece of alpaca wool that resembled William's hair, Catherine suggested to her balding husband: "You need to make a wig out of this!"

3. Live by the rules, but make exceptions

It is hard to even imagine how many rules Kate and William have to follow every day. However, the duchess always finds time to make a row. For example, cook pizza with older children.

“Oh, George and Charlotte just love cooking pizza. Do you know why? They like to mess with dough, because their hands are dirty! ”, Laughs the prince with many children.

4. Gather water in your mouth to not complain

No matter how trite it sounds, but few people love “whiners”. So Kate gets water in her mouth every time she wants to complain ...

“Maternity is the best experience in my life. True, sometimes it is very difficult. I try not to complain, because at home I have support, and many women have no one. And if I feel that I am about to break away, I take water in my mouth, ”Middleton admitted, becoming a mother for the third time.

5. Strive to change the world for the better

We all are drawn to something good and good. And men are no exception ... So instead of puffing up the nose for the fifth time, do a small but good deed.

“I hope I can change something in this world, even if only a little bit,” Kate answers questions about the meaning of life.

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