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Princess with a claim: how Meghan Markle sacrificed her reputation and what she got in return



In early 2020, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan announced that they would be less involved in the life of the royal family in order to focus more on their own. To this day, the plan is working, and the account is being replenished, but the credit of people's love, which Megan received at one time, is being asked back, reports

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It is always so: in one place it decreases, in another - it arrives. Over the past months, Harry and Megan, who are still according to the documents of His and Her Royal Highnesses, have taken unprecedented financial heights. After settling in Santa Barbara (ironic), the two struck two big deals - with Netflix for documentaries and children's programming and Spotify for podcast production. The Duke and Duchess are far-sightedly exploring the media sphere, and there, as if they were just waiting for them.

The deal with Netflix - for $ 130 million, with Spotify - for $ 53 million. It's a good start.

In order to diversify, Megan (she is the one) is investing in an unexpected startup - a brand of instant drinks. But forget the cheap quick coffee. For a package of "holistic" turmeric latte will have to shell out almost $ 30, and judging by the fact that health products are already advertised by billionaire Oprah Winfrey, Megan is counting on a serious return.

But first you have to face a different kind of recoil. Her half-sister Samantha Markle is releasing a book whose title alone promises a lot - The Diaries of the Sister of the Punching Princess. Part one". That is, the second is not far off.

As if Megan is not only that for a year away from her husband's relatives, she, having gained a lot, has lost no less. In any case, almost nothing remained of the reputation of the ideal companion of the representative of the monarchy. Especially, according to insiders at court, after the very deal with Netflix, which Megan personally promoted as a pro in the world of television.

It's no joke - to make friends with the platform that revealed to the world the series "The Crown", which more than once forced Harry's family to grab hold of the heart and until the release of season 4, in which they wholeheartedly shook up all the royal linen and presented Prince Charles in a dubious light with his current wife Camilla, and Queen Elizabeth. Harry and Meghan were again accused of hypocrisy, but they were no longer used to it.

Pain for the whole world

“A few hours later, I was lying on the hospital bed and holding my husband's hand in mine. The palm was sticky, I kissed his knuckles, wet from our tears. It was unbearable to look at the cold white walls. I tried to imagine how we would both come to our senses. " This is a loose translation of a quote from Meghan from her column for the New York Times. As many have guessed, the speech is about a miscarriage that the Duchess of Sussex experienced in the summer of 2020.

However, the already sad story took a dramatic turn when, instead of sympathy, the author of the essay received condemnation, it seems, from the entire English-speaking Twitter. "Manipulator", "hypocrite", "PR even on personal grief" - the commentators did not spare. More often than others, a question sounded like this:

"You ran away from England because you lived" under a microscope "and longed for" privacy ", so why are you now telling in detail about the fact that millions of women are painful to remember alone?"

Megan was immediately recalled that she did not go out with the newborn Archie immediately after giving birth, as is customary in the royal family, but she frankly and in detail told the whole world about her tragedy.

Since public appearances by people of this level are carefully thought out and coordinated, it is logical to assume that this step was seen as a way to regain the trust lost after leaving Britain. The attempt turned out to be a fiasco, like many other designs.

Princess with a claim

Initially, Megan had excellent chances of becoming a nationwide, but what is there - a world heroine. She was an ideal Cinderella, worthy of her prince: from the people, a sea of ​​charm, charisma, acting skills that will not let you get lost in a difficult situation. Add here African American descent, divorce, sex appeal, sense of style, life experience - and we get the perfect princess of the 21st century.

What it takes to modernize one of the oldest monarchies. So after long and painful deliberation, it was decided in Buckingham Palace, deciding to throw off outdated filters and step into the future.

Many of those who followed the life of Prince Harry, were grateful to Megan for the fact that he was not seen as happy and carefree as at the beginning of their romance with any other companion. The common people rejoiced at first when the engagement was announced at the end of 2017, and then when a magnificent wedding took place in May 2018.

Royal life is not sugar, and not only fans of the TV series "Crown" know this. However, the bitterness of disappointment was somehow too quickly experienced not only by Megan, but also by her newly acquired army of fans. The "princess of the people" had serious requests and claims.

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Escaped from the palace

Even during the preparation for the wedding, the bride showed character. She demanded the "Vladimir Tiara" with emeralds, which impressed the Queen (who, however, refused her), then insisted on aromatizing the chapel of the 15th century, so that it did not smell "so musty" (even more decisive refusal), and to top it off, according to rumors, brought the pregnant Duchess Catherine to tears over the dress of the little bridesmaid Charlotte.

The clashes did not end there.

The newlyweds moved to live at Kensington Palace - together with the experienced Cambridge couple. The palace is not a kitchen, but the two families quickly became cramped there. And so British taxpayers, who recently shed tears, watching the broadcast of their own paid Sussex wedding, were surprised to learn that the couple was moving to Frogmore Cottage. And there is a need for complete renovation and equipping the mansion with a sauna, a gym and a yoga studio. Harry, who is as far away from yoga and health as possible, approved an estimate of almost three million dollars.

The renovation was traditionally financed by taxpayers, who seem to have begun to suspect something.

Following the results of the same "honey" 2018, journalists for some reason wanted to calculate how much was spent not only on soundproof walls and marble for renovated bathrooms and saunas, but also on outfits. And compare all this with the spending of the Duchess of Cambridge. She came to the finish line with a check for 68 thousand pounds sterling. Meghan had 406 for 1661 items of clothing and accessories. And this is not a record.

More than half a million pounds will be spent next year on the Duchess of Sussex's “pregnant” wardrobe with items of eco-conscious brands and brands founded by African-American women designers. The new member of the royal family became more and more annoying - especially against the background of Kate regularly going out to outlets, wearing dresses and boots for ten years.

Divide and Conquer

Meanwhile, Harry was turning from a good-natured, merry fellow into a tense, at times openly embittered man, ready to fight everyone - even his own brother. Responsibility for this was again blamed on Megan, believing that she cuts off from him all those who were his support before. The accusation is serious, but it is rooted in the mass consciousness that Kate Middleton, who has proven her wisdom in word and deed, connects, builds bridges and smooths corners, but Meghan Markle burns bridges, and sharpens corners.

This version is supported by the complex history of her personal relationships, conflict with her father, as well as numerous broken friendships. Every now and then in the press there are memories of people who were once fascinated by Megan, and then were blocked by her and deleted from life forever.

“This girl,” they say, it was these two words that William used in a conversation with Harry at the beginning of his romance with Megan in 2016, drove the first wedge between the brothers. Will suggested not rushing things and "getting to know this girl better." Harry already knew everything, and this careless wording in relation to the chosen one hurt him.

William hardly wanted to offend: he "got to know his Kate" for ten years, but Harry was no longer up to the nuances.

The Duke of Sussex wanted to throw all the treasures of the British crown at the feet of his beloved, which embarrassed the whole family, but only William in a brotherly way could tell him that he was trying too hard, "rolling out the red carpet." This hardly contributed to the strengthening of family ties.

People who worked for the royal family for decades left, the brothers found themselves on opposite sides of the barricades, where Harry fought for the well-being of his wife under the infamous motto "what Megan wants, she gets", and William, as he could, defended the age-old way of life and family orders. And then Harry and Megan decided to use a trick that not only William considered forbidden.

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Dangerous comparison

“My biggest fear is that the story, which I have already observed, will repeat itself, when the person I love was turned into an object, deprived of the right to be treated humanely. I lost my mother, and now I am watching my wife fall victim to the same forces, ”read Harry's official statement on October 1, 2019, in which he announced the start of a lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday publication. There was a scandalous material about Megan's relationship with her father.

The invasion of privacy, and the article cited the Duchess's personal correspondence with Thomas Markle, has no excuses. However, the comparison of Harry's wife with Princess Diana was considered by many to be inhumane and unethical. Prince William, according to royal biographers, took Harry's words especially painfully, not ready to mention his mother in such a context.

Outrage again knew no bounds. Many felt that Megan was encroaching on the sacred - the memory of the "princess of hearts", with whose story her own, even with the most superficial comparison, had little in common. It was also embarrassing that the Duchess, an experienced, adult woman, had only been related to the Windsors for only a year, but had already urged her to feel sorry for her.

If Diana Spencer fell "into the clutches of the monarchy", and then - on the front pages of newspapers at a young age, being completely unprepared, then Markle had a career behind him, years of experience in the acting world, which certainly trained her. She certainly looked at the world through the eyes of a naive 18-year-old kindergarten teacher, who overnight from an unknown, shy girl suddenly became the bride of the heir to the throne.

Another significant difference - and before "Megsit" the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were not burdened with the amount of duties that Diana and the future monarch Charles had to fulfill. Who, in turn, was 12 years older than the chosen one and loved another woman. From the very beginning of the marriage, Diana was abandoned by her own husband, and the lack of his attention was compensated by the paparazzi, who pursued her in a way that Megan, fortunately, never dreamed of.

Lady Dee was essentially the first celebrity in the royal family. Megan, as many assumed, only dreamed of being like this, but did not hold out.

But - and this is the main difference between them - Markle had and has love and support from her husband, which Diana never had. And if she left the royal family alone, stripped of her title and with a train of conjectures and scandals, then the Duchess of Sussex left the “firm” with her head held high, arm in arm with her beloved husband and big plans for the future. Perhaps this is much more important than reputation. Even if you still have something to do with the world, where she is guarded no less carefully than the family tiaras.

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