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Princess Diana: 20 years since the death


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20 years ago, 31 August 1997, the universal favorite, Princess Diana, died in a car accident on the Seine embankment in Paris.

The car, which was Diana and Dodi al-Fayed at high speed drove into a tunnel in front of the bridge of Alma and crashed into a support. The paparazzi claim that there was a chase after the car, so he exceeded his speed trying to get away from his pursuers.

Dodi Al-Fayed died instantly, and Diana died an hour after the accident.

Kensington Palace appointed 2017 a year - the year in memory of Princess Diana. On Memorial Day for Princess Diana, we suggest we recall the facts about her short but rich life.

The parents could not give the name of the newborn girl for a week, but in the end John Spencer and Francis Kaydd chose Diana Francis. The name was chosen in honor of Diana Bedford, who was to become the Princess of Wales, but the wedding did not take place.

Before 9, Diana studied at home, at 12, she was sent to a prestigious private school, where Tilda Swinton became her friend. Diana did not show much success in her studies, and in 16 she left school without passing two exams.

The future princess had a different passion - ballet and music. Diana did not work with dancing, but in music she succeeded - she was considered an excellent pianist.

In her youth, Diana worked as a maid and nanny, and she became the first English princess to work before marriage.

The future husband of Diana - Prince Charles first drew attention to the younger sister of Diana-Sarah, but the relationship did not work out. Sarah introduced Diana and Charles and played the role of Cupid, as she later told.

Charles made an offer to Diana and presented her with a white gold Garrard ring with 14 diamonds and blue Ceylon sapphire in 12 carats and worth 120 thousand dollars. Now this ring belongs to Kate Middleton.

Diana agreed, although she already knew about the relationship of Prince Charles with Camilla Parker Bowles. During the wedding ceremony that took place in 1981, the couple insisted on excluding the promise to obey their husband from their wedding vows.

Diana became the third of the most influential women after the queen and queen mother.

To the displeasure of her family, the princess did a lot of charity work, in particular, she helped HIV-infected, cared for the victims of mine wounds and worked with the Halo Trust, which specialized in demining territories.

Shortly before Diana was killed, Christie's sold her dresses around 100 and the proceeds were also sent to charity.

Another direction supported by Princess Diana is to help young Britons with higher education.

Despite the busy schedule, Diana was engaged in raising her two sons on her own. She drove them to school and gave them a lot of time.

In Britain, it has always been considered the most popular member of the royal family, it was called the “queen of human hearts”.

Among her friends were many celebrities, such as George Michael, Brian Adams, Gianni Versace, Elton John.

In 1992, the marriage of Charles and Diana finally collapsed and the couple left, and at 1996 at the insistence of Elizabeth II officially divorced.

The couple signed an agreement under which they were forbidden to disclose details of his personal life. Insiders claimed that producer Dodi al-Fayed, the son of Egyptian billionaire Mohamed al-Fayed, was Diane's lover, but most friends claimed that Diana and Dodi had friendly relations.

Princess Diana was buried in the Spencer family estate in Althorp. During the funeral, a royal ceremony was held, but with deviations from the canon, at the insistence of Queen Elizabeth II.

Every year, over the course of 20 years, the British have held many memorable events in honor of Lady Dee, who won their hearts. Flowers and photographs are brought to Kensington Palace every year.

This year, the gardeners set up a garden in honor of Princess Diana at the residence, where Diana lived with her sons after she broke up and later divorced Prince Charles.

Masters say that the garden is the personification of Diana herself. Most of the flowers on the territory are white, only in some places they are diluted with pastel shades.

Princess Diana was not fond of gardening, but was always attentive to those who surrounded her house with beauty and care. She always stopped to chat with them after morning runs or during walks.

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton visited the White Garden with Prince William and Prince Harry.

For the event, Kate chose a green dress from Prada pf 1830 dollars.

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