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Prince William has declassified the unusual nickname of Princess Charlotte. VIDEO


Source: Gossip

The public's attention was drawn to an episode in a video posted to the royal family's account when Prince William addressed his four-year-old daughter, Princess Charlotte. In the video, he did not call her by name, but used the word Mignonette, which translates from English as mignonette - but the family uses it in a different sense.

However, this plant has nothing to do with Charlotte. The word "mignonette" comes from the French "mignon", which means cute, pretty, nice. Mignonette isn't the girl's only nickname. So, in March, Kate Middleton let slip that she was affectionately calling her daughter Lottie, writes Gossip.

In general, the royal family nicknames are very common, and they are not only among the youngest members, but also among the older generation (and even Queen Elizabeth II herself). Prince George has a funny nickname - his name is Pi Ji (PG). True, the boy’s name is not his parents, but his school friends, who invented this nickname for him.

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Recall that recently appeared on the network a nice video with Princes William and George, the public began to discuss a funny dialogue that happened between 36-year-old father and his five-year-old son.

While Prince George is swinging on a swing, Prince William invites him to evaluate the work done by his mother (and 37-year-old Kate Middleton was directly involved in creating the garden together with landscape designers Andre Davis and Adam White).

“How many points out of ten would you give a garden, George? If ten is the highest score, ”asks 36-year-old Prince William.

To which the boy wittily replies: "Twenty."

“20 out of 10? Well, not bad. It seems that my mother did a great job, ”summed up Prince William, and then he sat down on the swing and asked Princess Charlotte to swing it.

As the representative of Kensington Palace said, the children helped Kate Middleton in their work on the garden and were very passionate about the process. She, for her part, wanted very much that the final result would not disappoint them. And, apparently, she managed to do it.

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