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Prince William calls for an investigation of Princess Diana's most controversial interview


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The BBC is known to have launched a re-investigation into Martin Bashir's infamous interview with Princess Diana, which allegedly took him by fraudulent means. Prince William has officially called this investigation "a step in the right direction," writes 24tv.

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The Duke of Cambridge has issued an official statement regarding the interview scandal.

“The independent investigation is a step in the right direction. It should help establish the truth behind the actions that led to the Panorama interview and the subsequent decision taken by the BBC staff at the time, ”said Prince William.

The essence of the scandal

Martin Bashir's interview with Diana Spencer, released on November 25, 1995, became one of the main events of the year in the UK. It was watched by more than 23 million people - this is almost every third resident of the United Kingdom, recalls on its website Bi-bi-si.

Princess Diana revealed that she is unhappy with the royal family. That her marriage to Prince Charles is failing, they do not live together, he is cheating on her, and she is on him. Lady Dee used the famous phrase “There were three of us in that marriage,” referring to Camilla Parker-Bowles, with whom Prince Charles was already in a relationship.

Princess Diana talked about her bulimia attacks, about how she physically hurt herself, about how desperate and depressed she feels as a member of the royal family.

This has never happened before in the history of the British royal family. All the nuances of personal life have always remained inside the yard. The tabloids following the royal family received at best unverified rumors that no one officially commented on.

The interview led to Diana's divorce from Prince Charles just a month later (Queen Elizabeth insisted on this), as well as to a conflict with their common children, Princes William and Harry. Diana's relationship with the royal family was shattered.

Fake documents

The first rumors that the interview was taken in a dishonest way appeared back in 1996.

Bashir showed Diana fake bank statements, from which it followed: people from her inner circle share information about her life with the tabloids and receive money for it. And it will be better if Diana herself gives an interview, telling about everything firsthand.

Then the BBC conducted an internal audit. As a result, the corporation recognized the fact of making fake extracts. They were made at the request of Martin Bashir by designer Matt Wissler, and he was fired. In a recent interview with the Guardian, Wissler complained that no one listened to him at the time, and he "became extreme."

But for the rest, the corporation came to the conclusion that the extracts did not affect Princess Diana's desire to be interviewed, and formally all the rules were followed in the approval process.

Princess Diana herself also said that she would agree to talk with Bashir anyway. People from her entourage said that she was very happy with this interview, notified her friends about it. And only after it went on the air did she decide that she had made a mistake.

Moreover, on Friday, a note from the princess was found lost, in which Diana is believed to make it clear that she is happy with the past interview. The BBC reported that it had found the original handwritten note written by the princess after an interview she gave in November 1995 to the Panorama program.

The corporation said it will pass this note on to the investigation team.

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Charles Spencer demands new investigation

In 2020, the Sunday Times and then Princess Diana's brother Charles Spencer reiterated that Martin Bashir received the interview in a dishonest way. Spencer confirmed the discharge story. And he said that if he knew about them then, he would never allow this interview.

In November 2020, Spencer demanded that the BBC conduct a new investigation. He claims that the corporation "knew and covered" the story of the interview and was "unable to admit the terrible truth about it."

Spencer's statement became a loud scandal, about which all the leading media wrote. Former BBC chief Michael Grade called Spencer's statement "very, very serious" and BBC royal affairs correspondent Johnny Diamond "overwhelming."

As a result, the corporation decided to conduct a new internal investigation of the case. BBC CEO Tim Davey again apologized for the act with the false statements and said that the corporation takes the allegations very seriously and intends to "get to the bottom of the truth."

“We will organize a large independent investigation,” Davey promised.

The British government also reacted to the news: the press office of Prime Minister Boris Johnson said they expected the BBC as a public media outlet that journalists would "adhere to the highest standards."

The royal family did not comment on this story for two weeks. Martin Bashir himself is now recovering from COVID-19 and also refrains from commenting.

"I am nobody"

Designer Matt Wissler, fired from the BBC for making fake bank statements, says the BBC ruined his career and is demanding an apology from the corporation.

“I want the corporation to look at the damage and publicly apologize. My kids know people call me a fraud. And I've had awards as a graphic designer, ”Wissler said in a recent interview.

When asked why he was silent all these years, Wissler replied: “Because I am nobody. Who should I talk to? I needed to do something to start working again, to start a new life. I moved 250 miles from London. It all affected my self-confidence. ”

“The person who should speak up is Martin Bashir. He's the only one with the answers, ”added Matt Wissler.

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Why now?

In 1996, Britain was a different country - Guardian journalist Gaby Hinsliff recalls no public outrage when the first allegations of the dubious tactics with which the BBC got the interview with Princess Diana emerged.

“It all felt like another plot twist on an endless royal soap opera,” writes Hinsliff. Yes, the designer who made the fake bank statements was fired from the BBC, but then-corporation news head Tony Hall assured bosses that Bashir, while regretting what happened, remained a noble and honest reporter who simply “didn't think” ...

What's the point of conducting a new investigation 25 years later? Gaby Hinsliffe believes that the main purpose of exhuming this long-dead story is to learn from it.

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