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Prince George went to school: the boy was accompanied only by his father. PHOTO, VIDEO


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Today is an important day for the entire royal family of Great Britain. The little heir to the throne, four-year-old Prince George, went to school for the first time. The boy was brought to a new educational institution by his father, the duke of Cambridge. Unfortunately, Kate Middleton was unable to accompany them because of the deterioration of health (recall that the Duchess suffers from a severe form of toxicosis of pregnant women). Photos and videos of George’s first visit to a new school appeared on the official Instagram and Twitter accounts of Kensington Palace.


Prince George is still quite small, so he will begin attending school from special preparatory classes at Thomas's Battersea School in London. Studying here costs parents (and in the case of the royal family, taxpayers) 23 000 dollars per year.



Their royal highnesses were met by the head of the junior school in the courtyard, before the Duke of Cambridge took the young heir to classes. The photo shows that the boy is nervous before his first school day.

Initially, the plans of the family included a joint visit of Kate and William to George's school, Kensington officially announced this, but due to severe toxicosis, the duchess pregnant with her third child was forced to abandon the trip.

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