The article has been automatically translated into English by Google Translate from Russian and has not been edited.

Diva for 300 thousand: fabulously expensive tickets for the concert Pugacheva shocked Network



Those who wish to consider well Alla Pugachev on the stage of the Kremlin will have to pay a large sum for this.

April 17 in the Kremlin Palace will be held the first in a long time show Primadonna Russian pop - Alla Pugacheva PS, writes The star refused to sing in front of the general public for about ten years, but in honor of its 70 anniversary, it decided to please the fans, which created an unprecedented stir.

The tickets on the official website have long been bought up, but dealers are happy to offer those who want a “scarce commodity”, the price of which exceeds the nominal price, and in some cases simply goes off scale.

Tickets for good seats - in the first three rows of the stalls - which were originally sold for 70 thousand rubles (1060 dollars), now sell for 300 thousand rubles (4560 dollars), reports Medialeaks.

The cheapest tickets can be bought for 11-12 thousand (170-180 dollars), but you can see the Diva from these places very conditionally.

Netizens are outraged by the prices (220 thousand rubles - 3350 dollars, and 99 thousand - that's 1505 dollars; 40 thousand of the teacher's salary, which they talk about in the comments, is just over 600 US dollars).

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